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Adjustable Stack Controller for 600cc Fuel Injection

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Brief Description

Adjustable Stack Controller for Micro Sprint


This custom made and designed by Hyper Racing Stack Controller is used along side the stock ignition system to actuate adjustable velocity stacks in the airbox to provide a much wider power band. We can program this unit to open the stacks at whatever RPM you want and close at whatever RPM you want. Or if we dyno your system, we can program it at that time for the optimum opening and closing rpm.

You can simply purchase the EVO adjustable stack air box and use this controller actuate the stacks. Adding adjustable stacks to the original EVO will yield more bottom end. While adding the adjustable stacks to the EVO+ (shorter runners) will yield significant gains in top end power.

You can also use this on the GSXR A class throttle bodies in combination with our airbox for that purpose.

This controller will apply electrical current for 1.5 seconds to open and 1.5 seconds to close the stacks. It does not apply continuous current which will eventually ruin the actuator motor.

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