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Learn more about the fastest growing small car racing class in the US!

Why so many names? What is a Micro Sprint?
Micro Sprints are scaled down versions of full sprint cars. They run side-mounted 600cc motorcycle engines capable of producing upwards of 160 horsepower. Micro Sprints have chassis and bodies styled like those of full-sized sprint cars or midgets. Micro Sprints run on small dirt tracks that are usually a fifth of a mile or less in size, though they sometimes run on larger tracks. They can be either raced with wings or without wings. Micro Sprints are a lower cost alternative to racing mini sprints or midgets, while still delivering the stepping stone to larger forms of racing in terms of fun, experience and driver development. Micro Sprints have different names in different parts of the country, sometimes being called 600 Sprints, Modified Midgets (refers back to the now defunct National Modified Midget Association or NMMA), or Micro Midgets. Sometimes Micro Sprints are incorrectly referred to as Mini Sprints, which refers to the early name of the 1000cc class now called Lightning Sprints.

Be sure to check out the Where Can I Race a Micro Sprint? page.


Track: Circle/Oval Track, Banked
Surface: Dirt/Clay, Occasionally Asphalt
Type: Open Cockpit, Open Wheel
Drive: Chain Drive
Fuel: Methanol Alcohol
Engine: Primarily 600cc 4-Stroke motorcycle engines, with some tracks/areas running 270cc 2-Stroke, 125cc 2-Stroke, and other motorcycle engines.
Engine Mount: Side Mounted Engine
Weight: Varies from 750-800 pounds including driver. Car weighs between 520-650 depending on options.
Appearance: Downtube Roll Cage, Sprint Car Appearance
Countries Raced: USA, Canada, Australia

What are the classes of Micro Sprint Racing?
There are many types of Micro Sprint classes, depending on the part of the country and the track. The class is determined by the engine size (referred to by cc's) and by the wing or non-wing requirement. The most popular Micro Sprint class by far is the 600cc Micro Sprint Class. Not all tracks run all classes. Below is a starting list of general class information which can change. Check with your track for classes and engine rule packages.

Micro Sprints
600cc Sprints, 270 Sprints, 125 Sprints
Stock Engine (A-Class), stock off the motorcycle
Open/Outlaw Class, 640cc max (2mm overbore), any modifications allowed
Restrictor Class, 35mm restrictor on a stock engine (for beginners and can start at 10 years old)
Winged and Wingless/Non-Wing

Where can I race Micro Sprints?
Now that you know the classes, you'll want to check out our 600cc Micro Sprint Race Tracks Map showing all of the 600cc tracks we know about! Since each track runs different classes and schedule, you'll want to visit the individual track websites. Be sure to check the rules for ages, chassis and engine specs.

What type of engines do Micro Sprints use?
600cc classes must use a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke motorcycle production engine. No superchargers or turbo charges are allowed. Alcohol methanol fuel is required at most tracks because of its safety factor. Methanol also creates more horsepower while allowing the engine to run cooler than gasoline. The 125cc and 250cc 2-stroke classes also use motorcycle production engines.

Are there big money races in Micro Sprint Racing?
Yes, but prestige is just as important! For example, the payout for the win at Tulsa Shootout is $1000, but the Golden Driller trophy is a sought after honor that draws many racers year after year. Just to name a few big races and their winner’s payout from 2022: Highbanks Hustle $12,000, Sprague Memorial $11,000, C-Bell's Micro Mania $11,000, PA 600 Speedweek $8,000 to Win Final Night, Milestone Outlaw Nationals $10,000. The Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic gives the choice to the winning driver of a $15,000 lump sum or a ride in a KKM entry at the Chili Bowl along with $7,500 cash.

How fast does a Micro Sprint go?
Depending on the size of the track, 600cc micro sprints can reach speeds of 100 mph on large tracks. On the typical 1/6 to 1/4 mile tracks top speeds are about 70-85 mph.

Are Micro Sprint races available to watch live stream?
Yes, FloRacing, DirtVision, Fast Four Media, The Cushion, Dirt2Media, and more services all the time are streaming and making the Micro Sprint races accessible to race fans everywhere and really helping to promote this great class!

Is the Micro Sprint class a good way to develop my driver skills and gain experience?
Many big names raced micro sprints during their careers, or currently drive micro sprints for recreation and to keep skills sharp including Christopher Bell, Kyle Larson, Hailie Deegan, Chase Briscoe, Kyle Busch, Brett Moffitt, Sheldon Creed, Ross Chastain, Tyler Reddick, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Kasey Kahne, Tyler Courtney, David Gravel, and Brent Marks, just to name a few. Toyota Race Development (TRD) and Chevy both work with micro sprint teams to help develop their drivers skills.

What size trailer do I need to haul my Micro Sprint?
8.5' wide x 14' long minimum enclosed trailer is a good starter size.

How many crew people do I need on my Micro Sprint team?
Some racers show up to the track with just the driver, and they would only need to enlist of a pit neighbor to help them load and unload the car, and get into the staging area. Micro Sprints are light enough that you can move them yourself and they are self-starting. Depending on your skill level and wrenching ability, you may want more help. Some multi-car teams have 1-2 crew people per car.

Will I fit into a Micro Sprint?
We have yet to find someone we couldn't fit into a Hyper Chassis 600cc Micro Sprint. Modifications may be needed. But 99% of the drivers fit in with minor adjustments. We have fitted 6'7" drivers and also drivers that weighed 300 lbs, as well as much smaller drivers both adult and youth.

How old do I have to be to race a Micro Sprint?
Check with your track. The starting age for regular classes is 12 or 14 and restrictor class is usually 10. There is a good diversity of older to younger drivers. From professional drivers to guys and girls just happy to be making circles on the weekend. It is a very family friendly environment.

How can I decide if Micro Sprint racing is right for me?
We highly recommend going to the race track and checking it out first. Be sure to buy a pit pass and walk around the pits. Most people are willing to talk and share their stories. Reach out to racers through social media and ask questions. Finding someone who needs crew help is a great way to get involved. And don't forget our robust network of Hyper Racing Dealers who can guide you on every step of the journey.

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