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Hyper Racing has an in-house fuel injector flow bench. This machine can pulse an injector at 10,000 rpms. Most machines can't go above 6,000. This is important in our application because we very rarely see below 10,000 rpms. Most companies match their nozzles either at wide open or 4,000 rpms. Nozzles perform a lot differently at 10,000 than 4,000 rpms. Of course in our Micro Sprint and Lightning Sprints, the nozzles pulse to 16,000 RPM's or more.

Testing and Diagnostics


Before being tested, the nozzles are placed in the ultrasonic tank for cleaning. They are pulsed electronically turning them on and off during cleaning. The cleaning process takes over 20 minutes. One or more testing/cleaning cycles will be performed depending on the results of the flow test.

Nozzle Spray Test:

This test checks for correct spray pattern, shape, and fuel atomization. This directly correlates to horsepower. Real track conditions are simulated by cycling the nozzles from 0 to up to 20,000 rpm’s at any duty cycle. Custom programs can be written to exactly duplicate a lap around the track.

Fuel Delivery Volume Test:

This test measures the precise quantity of fuel delivered to the engine. This enables us to flow rate, blueprint, and balance each nozzle, providing us the ability to give you a matched set of nozzles. Our ASNU machines can test at any rpm. Nozzles are flow matched 10,000 rpm’s to duplicate corner exit. If you are sending your nozzles elsewhere, you are not getting this test optimized for race conditions.

Dynamic Resistance Test:

Each injector coil is tested to make sure it is electrically sound.

Static Pressure Test:

Checks for leakage from the pintle (shaft) on the nozzle seat.

Hyper Fuel Injection Technicians recommend nozzles be ultrasonically cleaned then flow checked at 10,000 rpm’s (duplicating corner exit) to insure that they are clean and matched for maximum performance.