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Acceleration=Force/Mass. A little here, a little there.

SolidWorks FEA (Finite Element Analysis) module enables our engineers to do simulated stress analysis. This tool, in a mechanical design engineer’s hands, can allow the parts to be made lighter and often stronger. Through the stress diagram the designer can see exactly where to remove material without making the part weaker.

Weight is certainly a factor in making a car accelerate and corner faster. The formula for acceleration is A=Force/Mass (weight). As you decrease mass with the same amount of force, acceleration goes up. That applies to both forward acceleration and side (cornering or lateral) acceleration. As an object moves in a radius, it accelerates towards the center of that radius. Lessen the weight and a car can corner faster.

Since we started using SolidWorks FEA in 2009, we have redesigned all of our major components on our 600cc chassis. If your chassis is older than 2010, you will want to consider upgrading your components to the newer style and lighter weight HBS components. For example, cars built in 2011 are 25 pounds lighter than those built in 2007, and those built today are even lighter.

Here is a list of some things to make your Hyper ride a little lighter.

PartWeight InformationYear/Notes
Lightweight wishbones2.3 pounds lighter (for two)All chassis before 2010 had heavier wishbones, lightweight wishbones became standard in 2010
Change from 60x7 front tires to 57x6.5 tires2.3 pounds lighter (for two)
Replace lead acid battery with lithium-ion battery5.7 pounds lighter than 9 amp, 9.2 pounds lighter than 14 ampBrands may differ
Remove injector protector bar and bosses2.1 pounds lighter
Eliminate seat adjuster, and replace with welded-in bar1.7 pounds lighter
No beadlocks (you only need on RR)1.1 pounds lighterBrands may differ
Replace 4-post wing with internal slider wing1.2 pounds lighter
Replace fiberglass body with carbon fiber body6 pounds lighter
Remote shock adjuster adds0.5 pounds
Double adjustable shock adds2.7 pounds
Sun visor adds0.7 pounds
MyChron adds1.7 pounds
MyChron O2 sensor adds0.7 pounds
Left front brake adds1.7 pounds
Panhard adjuster adds (cable adjuster adds more) 1.2 pounds
Traction bar adds6 pounds
Lightweight pedal assembly2.1 pounds lighterAs compared to original one
Lightweight collapsible steering shaft2 pounds lighterLighter weight steering became standard in 2009
HBS wheel centersDepending on brand, could be up to 1 pound lighter if change all 4