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For the fuel delivery system and fuel injection maintenance, please visit this page: Fuel Injection Maintenance

Recommended Products can be found here: Lubricants/Cleaners

  • Check and maintain oil level
  • Check and maintain coolant level
  • Check and maintain brake fluid level
  • Wash and clean the car. Seal off air filter, tank vent, and exhaust. If using a pressure washer, be careful not to spray high pressure in the ECU ignition box, other electrical connectors and sensors, bearing seals, universal joint, rubber boot of the master cylinder, splines of steering column, and tank vent.
  • Remove the torsion bars, one at a time, leaving the torsion stop on to ensure proper direction when reinstalling. Clean old grease off the bar and the inside of the torsion bushing. Reapply waterproof grease to the bar ends and the inside of the bushings. We recommend Champion Poly-7 Grease and Daylube Nanoceramic Grease.
  • Remove foam pre-filter from air filter, clean with filter cleaner or soap and water, reapply foam filter oil. Clean paper air filter element every 2-4 races depending on environment. If you do not run a foam pre-filter, remove the paper filter and clean and reapply paper filter oil. The Hyper Team prefers Klotz (green label) Foam Filter Oil Spray or PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil Spray for the paper elements because it is thicker and does not get pulled through the element and into the engine as easily.
  • Lubricate the following:
    • all rod ends
    • universal joint
    • splines of sliding steering column
    • shock shaft, eyes, and adjuster cables
    • shifter and wing adjuster shafts
    • threads on splined rear axle
    • nylon bushings on wing sliders
    • steering quick release
    • master cylinder shaft
    • pedal pivot points
    • throttle cable
  • Remove and clean front and rear sprocket, chain, and on 270's, the carburetor. Dry with compressed air. Apply chain lube to the chain from the inside of the chain. It will then work its way out during rotation, otherwise, it just flings off.
  • Using a waterproof grease such as Champion Poly-7 Grease or Daylube Nanoceramic Grease, grease the spindles and rear bearing carriers. Check all fasteners, bolts, and electrical connections, including the ground bolts, battery terminals, screws on the back of the switches, and tighten if necessary.
  • Inspect brake pads. Make sure you use brake pad spacers. If not, the piston will extend too far and bind as pads wear.
  • Inspect all radius rods, shocks, axles, steering arms, steering box, Jacob's ladder, and wheels for bent or binding items. They may look straight, but if you rotate them or put a straight edge on them, you may find otherwise.
  • See our Fuel Injection Maintenance page (link at the top of this page) for injection considerations.
  • If you run chain tensioner wheels, check these and replace them if worn out. Nylon guide blocks on our wishbone cars need to be replaced about every 20 races.
  • Make sure the upper steering shaft moves freely, and ream bushings if needed.
  • Make sure the collapsible steering shaft is free. Pull up the rubber boot and apply grease if necessary.
  • Check play on front hubs, and tighten or loosen the spindle nut if necessary.
  • Check coolant level.
  • With electronic fuel injection, turn the fuel pump on every 4 days to circulate fuel. If not racing for a couple weeks, purge the system with gasoline.
  • If changing sprockets, make sure to readjust the chain block so it is 1/16" away from the sprocket or the chain will skip.
Every 4 Races
  • Using a waterproof grease such as Champion Poly-7 Grease or Daylube Nanoceramic Grease, repack the front wheel bearings.
  • Change 600cc engine oil every 3-4 races if using regular/cheap oil, change every 6 races if using Motul 300V, Champion Synthetic Micro Sprint Oil or other high quality synthetic.
  • Change 2-stroke transmission oil every 10 races.
  • Change 600cc spark plugs every 15-20 races. Change 2-stroke spark plugs every 4 races.
  • Check Jacob's ladder and replace it if lateral play develops.
  • Check gas pressures if running monotube shocks. Reset gas pressures if necessary.
  • Ultrasonically clean the 40 micron fuel filter. (This will be the filter between the pump and the injection.) Clean the 120 micron filter every 6 races. When cleaning EFI fuel filters, put them back in the system directly afterwards, then turn on the fuel pump to remove any air that is in the system.
Every 25 Races
  • Replace king pins and king pin bushings.
  • Replace upper steering shaft bushings.
  • Replace the wing slider bushings (if applicable).
  • Inspect wheel bearings and replace if necessary by removing the front hubs and bearing carriers. On each bearing, turn the inner race by hand. The bearing should spin perfectly smooth. If any grinding, drag, or uneven rotation is felt, the bearing must be replaced. On front bearings, every time you remove the dust cap, you need to replace the o-rings.
  • Replace chain.
  • Replace 600cc throttle cable and 2-stroke throttle cable.
At Season End or 40 -60 Races
  • Purge methanol from the fuel delivery system. See our fuel injection maintenance page (link at top of this page) for more information.
  • Rebuild the master cylinder, and install a new master cylinder rebuild kit.
  • Replace brake line and possibly fittings.
  • Replace torsion bars and torsion bar bushings.
  • Inspect and replace if lip is forming on rear brake rotor and front brake rotor.
  • Rebuild the rear brake caliper by replacing the square o-rings, pistons, pads, o-ring, and bleeder valves.
  • Rebuild the HBS front brake caliper by replacing the square o-rings, pistons, pads, o-ring, and the bleeder valve.
  • Inspect rack box for wear and play and replace/rebuild if necessary. These can be sent out to us for rebuild.
  • Inspect steering quick release and replace if necessary. The newer splined style can last for years.
  • Inspect universal joints and replace if necessary. These usually need to be replaced every 60 races.
  • Check seat belts for fraying and SFI compliance. Simpson recommends replacing belts every 2 years.
  • Inspect and evaluate shocks. Rebuild times can vary greatly depending on the use and style of shocks. Off season is a great time to rebuild shocks. These can be sent out to us for rebuild.
  • Replace 600cc connecting rods every 60 races, and rings every 15-30 races.
  • Replace bearings in the adjustable throttle pedal assembly.