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What is a Junior Sprint?

Junior Sprint Chassis & Class History

  • The Junior Sprint class originated in the Midwest around 2004 as a driver development class and is designed for drivers 5 (or 6 depending on track) to 12 years old. The class was born under the wings of the NMMA with the idea to create a class where the 600cc Sprint drivers would have a place for their children or younger siblings to race at the same track on the same nights.
  • Part of the attraction of the Junior Sprints is to compete for a Golden Driller at the Tulsa Shootout, which is the most popular and prestigious 600cc sprint car race in the world.
  • A Junior Sprint race car uses a 204cc Briggs & Straton World Formula engine that was developed in 2003 to be used in the World Formula Karting class. This complete engine package balances the latest in engine design and technology and provides racers with a consistent, low-maintenance and low-cost platform to sharpen their driving skills and learn chassis setup.
  • This economical engine is chain driven and mounted on the left side of a scaled down 600cc Sprint type chassis. The class has a minimum car & driver weight rule of 400 pounds. The cars can be raced either winged or wingless. 8" wheels and tires are used to keep rotating weight and costs to a minimum. When racing with the wings on, Junior Sprints use an 8 square foot wing.

  • What makes the Hyper Junior Sprint Chassis unique?

    • Common Components are used wherever possible. Hyper Racing's world-renowned 600cc Sprint Chassis shares components with our Junior Sprint enabling a huge source of used components and sharable parts at the track in those emergency situations or in the event of an upgrade. For example: the complete front end and steering components are all common outside the front axle itself and the steering column which is a little shorter than the 600cc counterpart.
    • 1-1/2" Durable Splined Rear Axle: Our own custom made rear axle and related splined components are designed from the bottom up to be used on the Junior Sprint. The small diameter axle and components keeps rotating weight to a minimum for maximum acceleration.
    • Front Shock Sliders: Due to the diversity of shock manufactures and the lack of standardization on the overall length of shocks, it is necessary to have an adjustable shock height system on the front of the chassis. The design of our 600cc shock slider (38-901) allows for quick shock changes without the clamp moving on the tower. It provides the tunability of when the shock tops out and bottoms out.
    • Adjustable Pedal Assembly fits any height driver, and changes in minutes. The industry has seen nothing like this in any class of racing. Hyper Racing was the first to put adjustable pedals in 600cc Sprints, and we are using the same assembly in our Junior Sprint.
    • Adjustable Steering tilts up and down and moves front to back. Simple, elegant, and original. Hyper Racing was the first to put adjustable steering in 600cc Sprints and we are using the same assembly in our Junior Sprint.
    • Adjustable Upper Seat Belt Bar enables the belt cross over bar to be mounted in the exact right position, level with the driver’s shoulders. This is the same as we use in our 600cc Sprint.
    • Adjustable Upper Seat Clamps make mounting the seat much easier. This is the same as we use in our 600cc Sprint.
    • Tri-Lock Deluxe Splined Steering Hub: This monumental improvement is included on every chassis. Eliminates the loose feeling, provides a much more secure steering wheel, lasts for years and requires no welding! This is the same as we use in our 600cc Sprint.
    • Quality Components: Brands like Wilwood, Keizer, Simpson, ARS, Kirkey, and our own HBS machined components populate the landscape. We do not take shortcuts. These components enable the Hyper Chassis to last a long time, provide the ultimate in performance, and keep the resale value high.
    • 4-Link Rear Suspension with inboard brake floater delivers optimal handling and braking. The 4-link rear suspension will yield a tighter car than a z-link thanks to the increase in anti-squat. The 4-link rear also allows for the use of shackles that connect the rear torsion arms to the bearing carrier. Changing the length of these shackles changes the arm angles. Changing arm angles can be advantageous for different weight drivers and bar rates. Our uniquely designed bearing carrier plates with multiple holes allow the shackles to be raised and lowered when raising or lowering the chassis to keep arm angles consistent.
    • Jacob's Ladder: An 8” Jacob's ladder with long paddle geometry is used to position the roll center and the right rear bearing carrier correctly. Our Jacob's Ladder uses a 3-hole end tab and two hole paddle strap design to allow for adjusting the roll center for varying track conditions.
    • Adjustable Seat: The seat height is adjustable by swapping out seat height bars.
    • Fuel Tank: 1-5/8 gallon fuel tank gives you enough fuel to finish the race!
    • Support: You get Hyper Racing’s 30+ years of dirt track setup experience along with phone support and online education.
    • Expertly fabricated and TIG welded all the way around by our professional welding and fabrication team in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.
    • Superior Quality Materials: We source only high-quality all American or German made 4130 chromoly tubing to be used to make the structural members of the X7 frame.
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