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End of Season Preparation

At the end of the season, it is very important to get all the methanol out from all system components. Methanol alcohol will destroy anodized aluminum fittings and will deteriorate the fuel bladder in the fuel tank. Have you ever seen an aluminum fitting that has corroded from the inside out? This is from methanol when combined with oxygen when left sitting on aluminum. Or did you ever see a fuel filter so clogged with black residue that you can't force any air through it? This is from the deterioration of the fuel bladder and fuel lines. Here is the best way to save yourself a lot of headaches and money.
  • Drain all the fuel out of the tank tail. Dispose or put in a tightly sealed container to minimize the methanol acquiring moisture.
  • Remove the fuel cell from the car, wash it and the pick up tube with mild soap and rinse it with water and let dry thoroughly. After completely dry, close it up and store in a climate controlled area. Never use household cleaning agents or petroleum based additives, cleaners, or octane boosters as these will destroy a methanol bladder.
  • Remove all fuel delivery components including fuel lines, filters, pump, regulator, shut offs, and injection system
  • Disassemble your fuel rails and injector nozzles. Using your injector pulser and ultrasonic cleaner, clean and force Hyper Fuel System Lube or a high quality air tool oil through the injector nozzles, or send them to us for cleaning (recommended).
  • Clean and soak the lines, filters, fuel rails, and shut offs in fresh clean solvent such as a mild parts cleaner or mineral spirits. Blow dry and add a squirt of Hyper Fuel System Lube into the fittings. Install caps and plugs to seal.
  • Clean and lubricate your fuel pump and regulator by filling the inlet with Hyper Fuel System Lube and force through with compressed air.
  • Enjoy your off season!