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Once upon a time…

In 1993 Mike Dicely designed a race car. His chassis design was based on racing experience combined with the laws of motion and physics. A prototype chassis was built and race-tested in 1994. Later that year Mike and Christy Dicely incorporated Hyper Racing and began production of the first chassis.

The cornerstone of the company is the Hyper Chassis, components, and the knowledge and experience we build into every piece. Our talented team of fabricators led by engineer Mike Dicely has developed and perfected panhard bar and Jacob’s ladder style suspension for 4-bar torsion as well as the coil-over suspension on both the 600cc Sprint, Lightning Sprint, and 270cc frame. No matter what style of chassis you choose, we guarantee the same excellent design built on the principles of vehicle dynamics.

Major developments in Micro Sprint technology have been the work of Hyper Racing:
  • Fuel forward tank tail system
  • Adjustable pedal assembly
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Deluxe spindle
  • Sliding adjustable engine mount for 600cc and Lightning Sprint
  • Left front brake caliper in 2-piston design
  • Chassis squaring method
  • Multi-point Jacob’s ladder
  • Jacob's Jacker
We could have stopped with our great chassis design but we didn’t. We make it our focus to travel to tracks across the U.S. and around the world. We listen to you and answer your questions. We see the needs of the racers first hand and continuously expand our products and services to meet them.

We have parts in stock, ready to ship the minute your order comes in. Our facility is a comfortable place to shop. The catalog is much, much more than a price list; it educates and illustrates. Our shipping team is known for its fast and dependable service. Visitors to www.hyperracing.com access 24-7 online ordering and the largest collection of tech support for micro sprints anywhere. Orders placed over the phone or through online ordering all receive the same world-class service Hyper Racing is known for.

We recently doubled our square footage to 15,000 square feet and completely re-designed every facet of our operation to help us serve your needs even better. The utilization of technology tools keeps us at the forefront of the sport. Our Roehrig shock dyno, the ASNU injector nozzle cleaning and diagnostic machine, and full-service chassis and engine dynamometer are in-house and ready to diagnose any problem. Most recently, we added a radically equipped CAD workstation featuring SolidWorks 3-D modeling software with FEA stress analysis. Powerful tools like these, in a design engineer’s hands, equal the strongest and lightest parts available. In 2020, Hyper Racing acquired Linderman Race Components and purchased the building next door to begin the Hyper Racing Campus. We now control our own destiny with the ability to machine many of our own parts right here in Pennsylvania.

We strive to provide the racing community with everything we know about how to win. Don’t own a Hyper Chassis yet? No problem! Anyone can access our technical information 24-7 at www.hyperracing.com. Find tips, instructions, set-ups, theory, and more.

This year marks 28 years and the 1,500th chassis since the prototype and Hyper Racing isn’t lifting. We’re going flat-out to uphold our commitment to a great-handling chassis and all the support we can give to make it easier and more fun to enjoy this great sport. Get Hyper! And we’ll see you at the races!