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Learn more about Lightning Sprints!

Why so many names? What is a Mini Sprint/Lightning Sprint?
Mini Sprints started in the early 1980’s and allowed 1200cc engines with virtually no limitations on engine modifications. This class has all but disappeared in the USA. In the late 1990’s the Lightning Sprint class started using the exact same chassis but utilized stock 1000cc engines. This class has now become the prominent 1000cc open wheel class.

Track: Circle/Oval Track, Banked
Surface: Dirt/Clay
Type: Open Cockpit, Open Wheel
Drive: Chain Drive (Some clubs run a drive shaft with the engine turned sideways.)
Fuel: Methanol Alcohol (Some tracks run gasoline.)
Engine: 1000cc 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engines
Engine Mount: Front Mounted Engine
Weight: Varies from 920-950 pounds including driver. Car weighs between 750-850 depending on options.
Appearance: Downtube Roll Cage, Upright Seat Position
Style: Sprint Car Appearance
Countries raced: USA, Canada, Australia