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What you’re NOT wearing can sometimes be as important as what you are wearing!

Race Suits:

Educating yourself about race suits can go a long way toward protecting your life. Keep in mind that a race suit is an investment in your personal well-being, and you’re not going to get a second chance. We offer K1 Racegear suits and base layers so you can look the part while wearing a high quality safety product.

Safety Apparel Basics:

  • Fire safety apparel is designed to fight fire from the outside in.
  • Heat and steam are as important as fire. Steam burns can be caused by perspiration or other moisture.
  • Quilting is very advantageous in a suit, because it bonds the layers together creating small air pockets, slowing down the fire.
  • What you’re NOT wearing can sometimes be as important as what you are wearing. Polyester, nylon and spandex products have become increasingly popular with athletes because of comfort and moisture wicking abilities. Bras (sports bras included), underwear, compression garments, leggings, and “armour” type performance apparel all fall into this category! Replace all of your dangerous undergarments and layers with quality SFI rated base layers.
  • While it might be tempting to soak the suit with water on a hot day to stay cool, should a fire occur, you would be much more susceptible to steam burns.
  • Another tendency is to keep the suit on during the night/day, while working on the car, waiting, etc. Taking it off during down time will prevent extra perspiration from getting into the fabric, as well as grease or other fluids that can feed the fire.
  • Don’t forget about your feet and hands. Shoes, socks and gloves are equally important. Most people who have been burned in racing accidents sustained burns on the extremities. Check SFI Ratings on these items too. Protect yourself further by adding SFI rated underwear, shoes, socks, gloves, etc.

SFI Rating System:

SFI Ratings are simple to understand. The SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment. Take the time to visit the SFI Website and educate yourself!