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Crew Chief On Demand!

The Setup Doctor is in! Have a setup question? Want to know the theory of everything about dirt track racing? You’ve found your diagnosis and treatment right here. And it’s free and accessible to anyone.


Torsion Bar Rate Chart


Click on the calculator to open it in a new window. Download the spreadsheet and use it locally on your computer.

Weight Transfer Calculator
Mike Dicely’s spreadsheet calculates bar spring rate, weight transfer, and more!

Mike Dicely’s Center of Gravity Height Calculator
Mike Dicely’s spreadsheet calculates CGH.


Enjoy the very popular, always sold out Prepare to Win Seminar with your printable notes in hand.

Prepare to Win: A Micro Sprint Chassis Setup Seminar

Watch it on YouTube | Prepare to Win: A Micro Sprint Chassis Setup Seminar


600cc Chassis Assembly Manual


For the best method to square and set up your car, use our Chassis Squaring Kit. Here is the proper procedure to use the kit.

600cc Chassis Squaring Kit Procedure

Lightning Sprint Chassis Squaring Kit Procedure

Watch it on YouTube | Chassis Squaring Kit Procedure

Hyper Chassis Setup Manual

Don’t have a Squaring Kit? The Hyper Chassis Setup Manual outlines the traditional approach to setting up a basic setup and starting points. This is good information for everyone.

Blank Setup Sheet

Record and store all of the setups and changes you make from week to week.


These specific setups are designed for Hyper Micro Sprint/Mini Sprint Chassis, Lightning Sprint, Asphalt 600 Sprint, and Midget. If you do not have a Hyper Chassis, consult your micro sprint chassis manufacturer for a starting setup. If your chassis builder does not offer a starting setup, you can use our setups and measurements, keeping in mind the differences in your chassis. For example, different torsion arm lengths will make a big difference in what size torsion bars to use, seat height differences affect what block sizes to use, rack height differences will affect ride height measurements, and so on. There are countless variables.

Hyper Chassis 600cc Micro Sprint Setups

X4-X7 600cc Wishbone Setup Guide

’11-’12 600cc Z-Link Setup Guide

’02-’06 600cc Torsion Setup Guide

’02-’06 600cc Torsion-Wingless Setup Guide

’98-’06 600cc Coil Over Setup Guide

’98-’06 600cc Coil Over-Wingless Setup Guide

Hyper Chassis Lightning Sprint Setups

Hyper Lightning Sprint Setup Guide

Hyper Lightning Sprint-Wingless Setup Guide

Hyper Chassis 270cc Sprint Setups

270cc Torsion Setup Guide

270cc Coil Over Setup Guide

270cc Coil Over-Wingless Setup Guide

Hyper Chassis Asphalt 600cc Setups

Asphalt 600cc Setup Guide

’07 & Up 600cc Dirt Car on Asphalt Setup Guide

Hyper Chassis Midget Setups

Hyper Midget Setup Guide