Disclaimer of Warranty

There is no warranty, either expressed or implied with respect to any products and services provided by Hyper Racing Inc. All products and services and their respective parts are sold as-is and with all flaws.

The user shall assume all responsibility and risks associated with purchase or use of any products or services supplied by Hyper Racing Inc. and shall also determine the suitability and safety of the product for its intended use. Should any product or service prove defective, the buyer assumes the entire cost of repair.

Hyper Racing Inc. will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or death resulting from the use of any of our products or services or from any statements written or verbal by our officers, management, employees or other persons. Nor will Hyper Racing Inc. be liable for any activities, representations or warranties made by any dealer, distributor, manufacturer, or other persons. No officer, management, employee, or sales person of Hyper Racing Inc. or other person has any authority to make any statements contrary to this agreement.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

Please contact the manufacturer directly to arrange warranty work. Hyper Racing will not act as a third party for warranty issues.


Hyper Racing Inc. will not assume any liability for any errors with regards to listings, pricing, part numbers or applications. We reserve the right to change the specifications, product description, quality, and pricing at any time without notice and further obligation.