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Engine Dynamometer Services by the Hyper FIT Team are a powerful aid in diagnosing engine problems. With a session on the dyno, our Hyper FIT technician can quickly diagnose a problem, such as a bad sensor, that could have taken weeks or months to identify on the race track. Find out how your engine compares to the competition. One pull on the dyno will reveal it all. Generally, a custom fuel map for all throttle positions can be done in an hour. Engine Dyno Set-up Fee is charged when our technicians mount and unmount your engine on the engine stand. Set-up fee is not charged for chassis dyno.

Eddy Current Dyno
  • Offers perfect control over the engine, allowing us to create any type of simulated run we want. We can even simulate laps on the track.
  • No driver is needed in the car, the technician controls the throttle from the control center.
  • No fumes! Car and dyno are in one room with a ventilation system while observers and technicians are in another room.
  • Our system utilizes the most advanced dyno tuning software from Land and Sea. Nothing else even comes close.

The Hyper FIT Technicians
  • Hyper FIT technicians are experienced and trained. They are also drivers themselves, so they understand the demands upon the micro sprint engine in the race environment.
  • Mike Dicely or one of the Hyper FIT Technology Technicians will tune your engine. We have tuned over 1000 engines (and counting), so yours will pose no challenge to us.
  • Almost all passing on the mini/micro sprint track occurs coming off the turn. When you get back on the throttle, the engine needs to hit hard. Hyper FIT technicians tune your engine at every throttle position and every tune-able rpm. This gives you the hit when you need it. We will do at least 15 pulls to get you tuned correctly for any situation. Does your tuner do this?

"The dyno technicians at Hyper Racing are responsible for my track records. The Hyper dyno is an excellent tool for diagnosing problems and achieving performance gains. There is no better place on earth to dyno your race car."

Lou Cicconi
Essington, PA

Your Dyno Experience
  • Call the customer service team to reserve your appointment time. The dyno is open between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Check in for your appointment at the front counter.
  • Unload your car and push it over to the garage bay.
  • Stay and watch the dyno tune session through the glass in the dyno room.
  • Take home a graph of your best run.

Hyper Micro Sprint and Mini Sprint Chassis Dyno in house and ready to go. Check it out.