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All Good Things Come in Threes

Hyper Racing has methanol fuel injection systems for a wide range of motorcycle engines. Here is a current list and a quick features list of each method:


  • Building on the incredible success of the Original EVO, the EVO+ adds the advancement of a wider power band through the use of adjustable velocity stacks
  • With the stacks up, the result is a peak 10 to 21 more HP in the top end range. Gains generally start at 13,000 and continue all the way to the rev limiter.
  • With the stacks down, torque equal to the original EVO
  • Maximum performance. No system anywhere makes as much overall power and torque as the EVO+!
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and reliable
  • By far the best quality, and best performing system on the market


  • Stock throttle body injection conversion that is legal for the stock class (A class)
  • Maximum stock throttle body performance. No stock conversion system anywhere makes as much overall power as the EVO-A!
  • Incorporates adjustable velocity stacks
  • Available for Yamha R6, Suzuki GSXR, and Honda CBR600RR


  • Developed in 2017 as a joint effort between Kinsler Fuel injection and Hyper Racing
  • Amazing performance through lots of low end torque. Hits really hard at 8,000 through 13,000 RPM.
  • Lightweight magnesium casting
  • Simple and reliable
  • By far the best quality system on the market


  • Easiest to change and clean filters
  • Keeps ALL the dirt out
  • Ram Air design
  • Legal for stock type classes
  • Great performance

What Makes Hyper Racing's Micro Sprint Methanol Fuel injection Unique?

  • We are the only company to offer the EVO Fuel injection system and the Flat Filter air box design
  • The EVO injection offers the best performance of any methanol injection system on the market.
  • The Flat Filter Air Box is hands down the best system at keeping the dirt out of the engine and encompasses an under appreciated RAM airbox design which adds more power on the track (not on the dyno). Forced air simulates turbo charging.
  • Constant R&D and innovation from the leader in the industry. The EVO system is proof of that.
  • Flowed and matched nozzles insure the exact fuel amount delivered to each cylinder thanks to our in-house nozzle flow bench.
  • Stainless steel screens are used to prevent blown engines caused by a stuck or restricted nozzle.
  • In-house eddy current dyno enables full testing and optimum performance engineering.
  • Professional product support provided by the expert Hyper FIT Team is just a phone call away.
  • Master Tuners of the ECU: Our performance tunes are available to give you the advantage for all Hyper Racing injections as well as many other brands of injections including Guhl and Engler. There is no need for a Power Commander with this tune.
  • Availability and support for Power Commander V tuning that can be tuned anywhere, by anyone.


In late 2002, Hyper Racing began researching electronic fuel injection. The goal? A system that was low maintenance, offered immediate throttle response, better performance, and more consistency over carburetors and other alcohol systems. After months of engineering, tooling, machining and extensive dyno testing, the Hyper Racing 600cc alcohol fuel injection conversions for the 600cc motorcycle engine hit the racing scene.
Our matched set nozzles offer the best repeatability from nozzle to nozzle. When the flow rate varies between nozzles, one cylinder will run richer or leaner than another cylinder decreasing performance. In all of our systems we match the flow rate of each nozzle on the in-house nozzle flow bench to maximize horsepower.

Hyper 600cc Methanol Fuel injection vs. Gasoline

  • More Power
  • Safer
  • Runs cooler
The Hyper Methanol Fuel injection System produced at least 10 more horsepower throughout the entire power band over stock injectors on gasoline using a stock engine, and more gains are achievable using a modified engine. The methanol fuel is safer and allows the engine to run cooler than gasoline. Methanol alcohol is also safer and cooler than gasoline. Not to mention it smells better! The stock throttle body conversion involves taking your stock throttle bodies, and converting them to use methanol alcohol. Injector nozzles, connectors, and stanchions are replaced, and a custom machined fuel rail of our design with a large plenum chamber and dual feeds is incorporated. The custom fuel rail keeps the pressure constant to each nozzle and prevents pulses from affecting the supply. This alleviates problems found using the stock fuel rail on methanol. All pieces are anodized! No need to flush our system out after each race.
Our Master Tuners have created base maps that we will flash into your ECU (or we can provide one). We can also dyno your engine to develop a custom fuel map for maximum power and throttle response with our in house dyno. If you have a Data acquistion system that logs O2, send us your data and we can dial in you ECU flash from that data.

Hyper Methanol Fuel injection vs. Carburetors

The Hyper FIT Alcohol Fuel Injection System has instantaneous throttle response, better performance, and more consistency over carburetors. With electronic fuel injection the amount of fuel that goes into the engine across all RPMs and all throttle positions can be precisely controlled. With carburetors only the main jet, jet needle, idle jet, and sir jet can be used to control the amount of fuel that enters the engine at all throttle positions and all RPM's. with the ability to tune all all RPM's and all throttle positions, not only will peak horsepower be higher with electronic fuel injection, power and throttle response at all other RPMs will be better. With fuel injection, there is no need to compromise...you can have it all!

Stainless Steel Injector Screens

Our Stainless Steel Injector Screens fit almost every injector made. Injectors come with plastic screens designed for gasoline. When used with alcohol, the plastic screen swells, restricting flow. Eliminate the potential for poor performance and damage by replacing your plastic screens with stainless steel screens.