Walbro Fuel Pump

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Walbro GSL392 Fuel Pump for 600cc & 1000cc Micro Sprint & Lighting Sprint


Tried and true, the Walbro fuel pump is not only the most popular fuel pump, but it is also inexpensive. Supplies up to 70 psi fuel pressure. Can be used for fuel injection or carburetors depending on which fuel regulator is used.

  • To help your fuel pump last longer, use our Power Plus Top Lube to keep the harmful effects of methanol away from your pump.
  • Make sure you prime this pump before putting it under load by loosening a fuel line fitting between the pump and the regulator. Turn the pump on until the air has bled out of the lines, then turn the pump off and tighten the fitting. This will allow the air to be released and prevent cavitation of the pump.
  • Use silicone on the nut that holds the wire onto the post to keep the nut from falling off during a race.
  • Do not over tighten the nuts for the wire as this will turn the internal post and cause the wire internally to be damaged and ruin the pump.
  • Use the special Walbro pump fittings and copper washers listed below in the “You May Also Like” section.
  • If using our clamp to hold the pump to the frame, place the clamp on either outside edge of the pump. If clamped in the middle, it will squeeze the housing and damage the pump.
  • Check out our Fuel Delivery Page for more valuable information!
  • Use our fuel pump clamps to secure the pump for best results.

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