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Antigravity 16-cell Lithium Battery

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Brief Description

Antigravity 16-cell Lithium Battery


The 16-Cell Antigravity Battery is getting into the massive power arena with 480 cranking amps. It is the smallest 16-cell lithium battery made at only 4.5" length x 3.25" depth x 5.25" height (to the top of the terminals). This is the go-to battery if you need very high power in a compact size. Hyper recomends this battery for the 1000cc Lightning Sprint engines. 16Ah (PB Eq). (Amp hours are the capacity of a battery.) 3.2 Pounds. Hard case design.

In case you need even more reasons to love this battery, here are six more:

1) The Antigravity Battery is ultra lightweight. High performance vehicles can realize gains in performance (improved handling, braking, and acceleration) from the loss of weight.

2) This battery provides up to 2.5 times the cranking amps as lead and other forms of lithium.


3) Ultra compact size fits in any vehicle easily.


4) No maintenance required!


5) The 16-Cell Antigravity Battery offers a substantial increase in cranking amps over lead and other lithiums for a faster turn over rate of the motor.


6) These batteries very reliable as they are not affected by vibration as are lead/acid batteries are. They have the ability to accept up to 2000 charges...almost twice as many as lead/acid.

Note: Do not use a regular battery charger on this battery. It will ruin it! Do not use high pressure water spray directly onto battery, water may penetrate the hard case and ruin battery. In cold weather, the battery will actually put out more amps the more you try to start the engine.

Note: All lithium batteries must ship via Ground.

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