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MyChron MXM


The powerful features in the MyChron MXM make it perfect for your 600 Sprint or Lightning Sprint.

RPM Read Out for 600cc and Other Motorcycle Engines
To acquire the RPM read out from a motorcycle engine, simply connect the RPM wire on the MXM to the ECU RPM signal readout. On a Yamaha when using the signal wire from the ECU (yellow/black), Honda is Yellow/Green, pre-2013 Kawasaki is Light Blue, and GSXR is yellow/green.

Data galore, and GPS Included!
MXM samples data coming from your ECU (for GSXR & late model ZX6R), the internal GPS, 4 fully configurable analog inputs, 3 digital inputs (2 speed inputs + 1 coil RPM input) and predefined math channels.
No more infrared beacons. The MyChron MXM completely changes the rules of the game because its included internal GPS samples lap and split times as well as speed, position on track (track mapping) and acceleration, with precision and reliability that is simply not comparable to traditional tools and even with previous GPS systems.

Wireless Data Download through a Wi-Fi Connection
MyChron MXM will allow you to download data wirelessly, using an easy and safe Wi-Fi connection: No more cables! Connection is secure, so no fear of others viewing your data.

Data Tune:
Email your data (which must include O2) from your MyChron to our Hyper Racing EVO Fuel Injection master tuners and our master tuners will evaluate your data, make the appropriate changes to your fuel map, re-flash your ECU with the new map, then ship the ECU back to you. If needed, we have an exchange system for the ECU's in order to cross ship and save time so you can race the next week. Typically, we can dial in a base map in two data tunes. If you purchase a flashed ECU from us, we will provide two free data tunes.

Create Your Own Screen Layout
Choose optimal layout for your data Lap and split times, best lap, RPM, gear number, track map and much more are shown in pre-configured pages: you will be able to choose the page layout you prefer to better monitor your data. At the end of your session, you can recall the summary of your three best laps: lap time, max/min RPM, speed and temperature right on the MyChron's screen. For your best lap, you will also see splits and best theoretical time.

Clean Readability
To maximize readability of data, you need plenty of room. That is why MyChron MXM features a wide 268x128 pixel graphical display. The screen can be backlit in one of the seven colors. The incorporated light sensor makes brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions.

Data recall on screen
At the end of each session, you can recall the summary of your best laps, with max/min RPM, speed and temperatures.
Choose your own data layout. You can organize this huge quantity of data defining your custom pages, choosing among a wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measure unit.

In the Box
MyChron MXM, battery charger with cable, RPM cable, water temperature sensor, CD Race Studio 3. Optic/magnetic receiver (if you don't want to use GPS).

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