Champion Micro Sprint 10/40 Full Synthetic Racing Blue Oil


When asked to provide us with an oil for our unique needs, Champion was all ears. Champion’s Fully Synthetic Micro Sprint Racing Oils are the first purpose-built engine oils specially formulated to provide unmatched protection and performance in wet-clutch, high revving, extreme shear, high temp Micro Sprint engines. With a robust additive system, including specially-designed wet-clutch additives, and premium synthetic base stocks, Champion Fully Synthetic Micro Sprint Racing Oils deliver track-proven, race-winning performance.

Hyper Racing has performed extensive testing with this oil on our dyno and though on-track testing. It gets our enthusiastic 5-star approval. While we do see some horse power gains on the dyno, we feel the real advantage is in the protection and longevity it provides.

  • Exceptional clutch performance due to perfectly balanced friction modification 
  • Superb protection against engine and valve-train wear
  • Resists thickening and sludging due to oxidation
  • Provides excellent film strength under extreme conditions
  • Unmatched control of contamination and combustion by-products
  • Protects designed oil flow by keeping oil galleys clear

Champion recommends its Fully Synthetic Micro Sprint Racing Oils for all race cars that use motorcycle engines as their power plant.

Hyper Racing is proud to partner with Champion Brand Oil to bring you some amazing new products and some age proven classics. Champion Brands has been a globally recognized industry leader in specialty lubricants for over 60 years. Champion also produces and blends more than 300 products including fuel, brake fluid, oil and engine additives and lubricants for the automotive, heavy truck, agricultural and specialty markets.

Champion Brand Oils are also proud to sponsor the U6SA points series. They put up $5,000 for the points fund. That is a very generous sponsorship for which we are very grateful. No other oil companies are willing to sponsor our class, that tells you who cares about the 600cc class in PA. Thank you Champion Brand Oils.

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