Hyper Fuel System Lube, Champion


Hyper Fuel System Lube by Champion is the only product to use when cleaning and servicing your injector nozzles, fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel lines, and injector rails. 

Any other lube can cause the nozzles to stick and fail. Use this product to protect your fuel system from the adverse impact of methanol. Remove all fuel delivery components including fuel lines, filters, pump, regulator, shut offs, and injection system. 

Disassemble your fuel rails and injector nozzles. Using your injector pulser and ultrasonic cleaner, clean and force Hyper Fuel System Lube or a high quality air tool oil through the injector nozzles, or send them to us for cleaning (recommended). Clean and soak the lines, filters, fuel rails, and shut offs in fresh clean solvent such as a mild parts cleaner or mineral spirits. Blow dry and add a squirt of Hyper Fuel System Lube into the fittings. Install caps and plugs to seal. Clean and lubricate your fuel pump and regulator by filling the inlet with Hyper Fuel System Lube and force through with compressed air.

Watch the video below for more information.