'08-'19 GSX-R600 Flat Filter Air Box 600cc Alcohol Fuel Injection Conversion


Hyper Racing's Flat Filter Fuel Injection is an amazing system that is race proven all over the world, winning countless races on all different engine platforms. It uses the stock throttle bodies so it is legal for the 'A' class or stock engine rules of 600 Sprint racing.

Key features include:

  • An air filter element that can be changed in about 15 seconds
  • Features the under appreciated ram air design (This increases on track horse power more than people realize)
  • Change elements without any chance of getting dirt into the engine
  • A design that is proven to be the best at keeping dirt out of the engine
  • Perfect element seal every-time with the airbox
  • O-ring seal between all applicable joints
  • All billet aluminum design
  • Air filter element placement is such that it can be removed and inserted with only a screw driver
  • The R6 version has automatic ECU controlled adjustable velocity stacks