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Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Nick Fillman for authoring this article as well as promoting this awesome event. Hyper Racing Speedweek was a huge success thanks to Nick’s commitment to running a great series. 

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The 2022 installment of Hyper Racing 600 Speedweek was one full of wins and dominance for Hyper Racing and EVO Fuel Injection. Hyper Racing/EVO Fuel Injection powered entries scored quick time on all six nights, Hyper/EVO combo’s won all six feature events, and the overall Speedweek Points Championship went to Steven Snyder Jr. with his Hyper/EVO/Jim Jones Engines built Suzuki. The top seven in Speedweek series points were drivers who piloted a Hyper Racing Chassis with EVO+ Fuel Injection. 17 of the top 18 Speedweek points finishers were all Hyper Chassis.

Opening night at the Greenwood Valley Action Track saw a night full of pent-up excitement following a near hour long rain delay. “Big Money” Brian Carber started off the night strong by setting quick time over the field of 83 cars. Alex Bright was the feature event winner in the opening night of action, and the points leader. 

Tuesday saw a trip south to the Bridgeport Speedway, where it was a clean sweep for 2021 speedweek champion Christian Bruno! Bruno set overall quick time over 77 cars, won his heat race, and tracked down established NASCAR star and open-wheel veteran Christopher Bell in lapped traffic to score the victory on night two. 

Wednesday night saw high car count of the week at Action Track USA, with 96 cars entering the speedway for action! With NASCAR weekend happening just north at the Pocono Raceway, many teams with affiliations to the series were in attendance from Millbridge Speedway, including Hyper Racing customers Trevor Cline, Ethan Burdett, DJ VanderLey and more! Hyper Chassis pilot Billy Pauch Jr. set quick time, while Steven Snyder Jr nabbed his first win of the week in an intense feature event! 

Thursday night at Linda’s Speedway was a momentous night for Hyper Racing and EVO Fuel Injection as NASCAR Superstar, Champion, and Dirt Racing All Star “Yung Money” Kyle Larson made his debut behind the wheel of a Hyper Racing X7 Chassis and competed against the best Speedweek had to offer in the 86 car field. Larson set overall quick time by nearly two tenths over Brian Carber, and held off a hard charging Steven Snyder Jr to win at Linda’s aboard the immaculately prepared Mike Austin/Jim Radney #95 ride. 

Friday led to kickoff night at the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway as 82 cars entered for the preliminary night of action. For the second time during the week, Christian Bruno set quick time. At the conclusion of a wild feature event, Kyle Spence grabbed his first win of Speedweek locking himself into Saturday’s A Main along with Christopher Bell, Tommy Kunsman Jr and Neal Allison. 

On Saturday night, once again a Hyper Racing/EVO Fuel injected entry took the top spot in time trials. North Carolina standout Gavan Boschele set quick time in the Michael Carber/Team Chevy machine. A long night of racing eventually led to a battle of slide jobs for the race lead between Brian Carber and Alex Ruppert, with “Big Money” living up to his nickname and scoring the $8,000 victory. 

After a four night reign of finishing on the podium, and a commanding points lead, things looked to be all but wrapped up for Steven Synder Jr to take home the coveted Speedweek belt as the series moved to the talented teenager’s best track and weekly Saturday night home. But in racing, nothing is ever certain. A DNF on Friday night, coupled with a flip, and subsequent failure to qualify for the Saturday finale feature, Steven Snyder Jr had to watch from the grandstands as both Tommy Kunsman and 2021 series champion Christian Bruno tried to win the feature, and take the points title away. Luckily for Snyder, an accident early on involving Kunsman, and a mechanical failure for Bruno in the feature event left Snyder Jr narrowly able to hold on to the points lead and the 2022 Hyper Racing 600 Speedweek Championship. 

While not having wins or some of the stellar nightly runs as the top point drivers, a number of Hyper Drivers had impressive, and even breakthrough weeks. Drivers like Jackson White, Neal Allison, Billy Koch, Cole Dewease, and Alex Ruppert turned heads and left their mark on speedweek. 

Neal Allison made an incredible last to fourth run on Friday night at Lanco, earning himself a guaranteed starting spot for Saturday’s A Main. The Millbridge Speedway regular had speed all week long, but did not garner the consistent results that they had hoped for. Look for him next year!

Billy Koch was one of four drivers to have run inside the top ten in every feature event, which is no small feat for any driver, let alone a young teenager. 

Cole Dewease, son of legendary sprint car driver Lance Dewease, made his 600 Speedweek debut in 2022 as a rookie, and gained valuable experience running with some of the nation’s best drivers. Dewease has utilized the lessons learned not only from his Speedweek adventure, but from his father, in the weeks and months past to collect his first runner-up finish and impress week in and week out. 

Following 600 Speedweek, a pair of drivers collected their first wins of the season, and for one, his first career win. Jackson White and Alex Ruppert were strong all week, as both teenagers are in their sophomore season of competition. Jackson White was able to collect two wins following his impressive Speedweek runs: one at the Greenwood Valley Action Track, and the second at Action Track USA. Alex Ruppert is the 2021 Linda’s Speedway National Open Champion, and is a regular runner throughout the Northeast in his Hyper Racing, Drydene Performance entry. Ruppert traded slide job after slide job with “Big Money” Brian Carber on Championship night at Lanco, coming up short to one of the most talented drivers in the country. Ruppert has collected strong runs since that night, picking up a win at Lanco, and multiple top 10 runs at Action Track USA. 

The 2022 edition of Hyper Racing PA 600 Speedweek was one for the record books for the title sponsor as both the Hyper Racing X7 Chassis and dominant EVO+ Fuel Injection powered local and national talents, along with a Superstar NASCAR Champion to victory during a grueling week long challenge with some of the best 600 sprint drivers in the country. 

Fun Facts from 2022 PA 600 Speedweek:

High car count: 94 Cars

Low car count: 77 Cars

Average car count: 82 cars

15 states participated:


Top 15 points finishers were paid, for a total payout of: $8,525

Together with sponsorship and the Speedweek purse, nearly $66,000 was paid out in purse funds!

Top 7 drivers in points were all Hyper Racing EVO Fuel Injection Drivers:

1. Steven Snyder Jr

2. Christian Bruno

3. Tommy Kunsman Jr

4. Brian Carber

5. Colin White

6. Alex Bright

7. Billy Koch


17 of the top 18 in points were also Hyper Drivers:

1. Steven Snyder Jr

2. Christian Bruno

3. Tommy Kunsman Jr

4. Brian Carber

5. Colin White

6. Alex Bright

7. Billy Koch

8. Christopher Bell

9. Connor Gross

10. Alex Ruppert

11. Tim Buckwalter

12. Easton Lebo

13. Alec Quiggle

14. Matt Smith

15. Neal Allison

16. Jackson White

17. Jesse Maurer

18. Joey Kay

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