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Starter Relay with Harness Kit

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Brief Description

Starter Relay with Harness Kit for 600 Micro/Lighting Sprint


Use this starter relay and harness to add the protective capabilities of a fused relay to your electronics system. 

If you do not use a relay in your 600 Sprint electronics system, you risk burning out your starter button/switch, melting down and ruining your engine harness, or catching your car on fire. 

Street cars and motorcycles are equipped with a starter relay and a main fuse because it is an SAE safety requirement due to the inherent dangers and risks of not having one. 

Rubbing, wear from a wire tie, a tight bend, manual force, etc., can cause the wire's insulation to wear away, creating a short, which will quickly cause wires to turn red hot from all the electrical current. A fuse will prevent this from happening. If something shorts or overloads the circuit, the fuse will blow, saving your wiring, your car, your skin, or even your life. 

You might be thinking, "I've never run one, and I've never had a problem." You may get away without one for a while, maybe even years, but eventually, something will happen where a fuse would have prevented your harness from catching on fire or melting down into scrap metal. 

Why use a starter relay? If you run the battery directly to the starter button, 350 cranking amps are pumping through the 20 amp rated push-button switch when you start your engine. Again, you may get away with this for a while, but if your engine will not start or you crank on it a little too long, the switch will burn up, fail, and not work the next time you try to start your engine. With a starter relay, all the high cranking amperage goes through the heavy-duty relay, and only very small amperage goes through the push button switch. This is the correct way to trip the starter motor.  Although this is a GSXR relay, it will work with any engine. 

On this kit, the red wire is always hot, and it goes to the ignition switch. The other screw on the ignition switch goes to the main engine harness ignition wire. The yellow goes to the starter button with a jumper from the cold side of ignition switch to the other screw. The brown wire needs to be grounded. 

On the relay, the screw with a visible metal tab going back to the connector is for the 12v+ battery wire. The other screw is for the wire that goes to the starter motor. The negative side of the battery goes to the engine ground bolt.

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