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5/16 OD Tube T-Fitting (SFI), SPA4f SFI 17.3 - 5lb

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Brief Description

5/16 OD Tube T-Fitting (SFI), SPA4f SFI 17.3 - 5lb


T-Fitting connects the two spray nozzles to the bottle in the SPA4f SFI 17.3 - 5lb. Or two T-Fittings can be added if you wish to have 3 spray nozzles.

Whether you want a fire suppression system for confidence or for compliance, the SPA4F SFI17.3-5lb Fire Sense+ with 4Fire Universal Automatic System checks all the boxes!

SPA4F SFI17.3-5lb is the first system certified to the newest SFI 17.3 specification for open wheel-front engine cars, (Micro Sprints, Sprint Car, and Midgets) Includes SPA Technique’s remote mounted patented AM Block. This block has a Pull for Fire lanyard, that serves as a manual override for the driver, if they wish to activate the system before the heat gets to where the block is mounted.

The system utilizes 4Fire Universal as the suppression agent. 4Fire presents as an AFFF (aqueous film forming foam), which blankets everything it touches. This means it’s cooling while also forming a boundary layer, to help prevent re-ignition. It also offers quick fire-out times on par with clean agents (gasses).

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