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Are you ready to take your racing program to the next level? Hyper's online Chassis Setup Sheet Manager allows you to enter a complete setup for many different types of race cars. You can enter as much or as little of the information as you want. Corner weights must be entered to claculate cross weight, rear weight nad left side weight percentanges.

Once logged in, you can save the setup sheet and recall it anywhere, anytime.  If you want to copy one of your existing setup sheets, just recall that setup, then click "SAVE AS" and save it as a different name.

The Trackside Companion can be viewed,edited and saved on your smart phone through this website or through our Android or iOS app. With the app you do not need a cellular connection. Once connected to cellular, your setups will be uploaded to our website where you can then view,edit and print your sheets.

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Announcing The Hyper Racing Trackside Companion iPhone app and Android app. A powerful way to take control of your racing setup documentation. Features include:

  • A Chassis Setup Sheet Manager
  • Hyper Racing's latest news
  • Quick Links to Hyper Racing's extensive tech articles, and Hyper's unique online store.

The Trackside Companion Setup Sheet Manager:

  •  Allows chassis setup data to be entered, saved, edited, printed, and viewed anywhere.
  • Works for many different styles of race cars, including RC cars.
  • Has data fields for the entry of extensive setup information, see the screen shot below to better understand the amount of information it organizes for you.
  • Engine data such as gearing and engine identity can be stored with the setup
  • Calculated fields include left side, cross weight, and rear percentages.
  • Does not need a cellular or WiFi connection on you mobile device to function. Once connected to cellular or WiFi, your setups will be uploaded to our website where you can then view, edit and print your sheets. Don't worry, we can not see or share your setups, it is for your eyes only.
  • As much or as little of the information can be entered, not all the fields need to be used.
  • Setups can be copied to allow the use of a base setup and eliminate repeated data entry.

Hyper Racing Trackside Companion Link to iTunes Store.

Hyper Racing Trackside Companion Link to Google Android Play Store.

Here are some screen shots
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