Beginner Pay Per View Prepare to Win Seminar, Originally aired Feb 10th 2018


Here is the link to the Beginner Pay Per View Event.

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This Seminar will be aired live on Feb 10th, 2018. The entire 3-hour event will be aired live and recorded. It is only available to watch on a private YouTube channel. Purchase the event and you will be able to watch it live and/or as many times as you like at your leisure for the rest of 2018!

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Prepare to Win
Chassis Set-Up Seminar Series

Presented by Mike Dicely and the Hyper Racing Team

Beginner 600cc Chassis Prepare to Win Seminar
This seminar will be held at the Hyper Racing Facility on Saturday, February 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.


Topics Include:

  • Initial Chassis Setup: Squaring the axles, bearing carrier timing, wheelbase, toe, caster, offset, ride heights, and more 
  • Blocking Your Chassis: How to do it, when to do it.
  • Chain: Alignment, setting tension, maintenance, assembly
  • Gearing: Gear ratios, when to change gears
  • Scaling: Do I need to do it? How to Properly Scale your Chassis, What to do with the data.
  • Shocks: Shock Valving, Shock Selection, Setting Gas Pressures
  • Tires: Selection, Construction, Grooving
  • Maintenance: What and When to lube, replace, and adjust
  • Fuel injection: How to properly take care of your fuel delivery and injection system
  • Rookie Driving: Should I go high or low?