Complete Set of 07 and Up Honda RR Electronics for RR EVO


Includes all the electronics to use the EVO injection system on your 07 and Up Honda RR Engine.


  • ECU (engine control unit)
  • ECU flash, base map flashed into the ECU for the EVO on your engine
  • Wiring harness for the engine
  • Wiring harness conversion 
  • Rectifier/Voltage Regulator
  • Rectifier harness
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Intake air pressure sensor
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Starter relay
  • Ignition coils (4)
If you have any of these components, we can deduct it from the price. Just put a note in the comments box at check out.

If you have the electronics for this engine with the wiring harness converted, all we need to is a simple harness conversion and flash the ECU. $40 for the harness and $250 for the initial ECU Flash.