Complete Set of '03-'05 Electronics for an '08 R6 EVO


Includes all the electronics to use the EVO injection system on your 08 & up R6 engine.


  • ECU (engine control unit)
  • 03-05 R6 Crank Trigger Wheel (needed to Run EVO on 08 R6 with 03-05 ign.)
  • ECU flash, base map flashed into the ECU for the EVO on your engine
  • Wiring harness for the engine
  • Wiring harness conversion 
  • Rectifier/Voltage Regulator (08 R6 works best)
  • Rectifier harness
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Intake air pressure sensor
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Starter relay
  • Ignition coils (4)
For the EVO on the '08 and up R6, we can not use the '08 and up electronics from the R6 due to the fly by wire limitations of that system. Although we prefer the GSXR system for this engine, this 03-05 R6 electronics kit performs extremely well and is needed for U6SA rules. If you have the 08 R6 rectifier we can credit you $50 off the price. just put a note in the comments box at check out.

***03-05 R6 Ignition coils must be used with the 03-05 R6 ECU*** The engine will not run right without it. Also the 03-05 R6 Pulse crank trigger must be used*** Engine will backfire really bad if it is not used.