EVO Injection System '06 & Up Black Yamaha R6


After tons of R&D and now tons of feature wins, The Hyper EVO electronic fuel injection system is an EVOlutionary step in 600cc fuel injection systems and is hands down the most dominant system in 600cc sprint racing. The shape, bore size, volume, and stack length yields tons of mid range and bottom end increase, right around the 7,000-14,000 RPM range. With some increases in top end as well gives that final jolt much better than the stock system at the end of the rpm range. Peak horsepower and torque numbers went up.

Click here to see the dyno comparisons The extended length power tower throttle bodies with fine tuned shape and volume replace the stock factory throttle bodies. This is the secret to the increased low end torque with massive increase in mid-range horsepower.

Designed by Hyper Racing and the Pros at Kinsler Injection. Four big Evolutionary advancements include:

More Torque:
  • More low end and mid-range power and torque with increase in top end horsepower.
  • Interchangeable velocity stack lengths in air box allows the user to tune the peak torque point
Super Lightweight:
  • 5 pounds lighter
  • Magnesium construction
  • Titanium hardware
Simple Design:
  • 4 Large injectors virtually eliminates injector clogging, sticking, and failing
  • Less wiring due to only 4 injectors and engine sensors
  • Easier diagnostics
  • Less complicated mounting and installation
  • Less to go wrong
  • Eliminates Yamaha throttle-by-wire
  • Eliminates Yamaha unreliable velocity stack electronics
  • No more rubber boots: direct bolt design keeps throttle bodies on the engine
Quality Design by Hyper Racing/Kinsler
  • Transverse throttle shafts with ball bearing design on the throttle pull arm and all connecting links provide smooth action and precise throttle control on slick tracks
  • Transverse shafts places the throttle plate in line with the split in the intake valves for more laminar airflow for increased HP and Torque
  • The TPS sensor is on its own traverse throttle shaft to eliminate the possibility of fuel getting into the sensor which will cause the sensor to fail quickly.
  • O-ring seal on air box and engine head
  • One piece throttle body design for consistent butterfly coordination: other aftermarket bodies for 600’s are modular

In Oval 600cc Sprint racing, the engine spends most of its time in the lower part of the RPM range. The exact RPM range varies depending on the shape of the track, the driver’s position on the track, and the drivers skill. The EVO Design Team analyzed dyno runs and data acquisition statistics and set out to improve the range between 8,000 and 13,000 RPM’s. These lower RPM’s are reached during passing, while recovering from mistakes (from the driver or by others), and of course on restarts.

The EVO Design Team relied on our 15 years of experience in dyno tuning, fuel injection conversions, and racing 600cc engines. We partnered with Kinsler Fuel Injection, taking full advantage of their expertise and experience in building super high quality throttle bodies and engine tuning through throttle bodies.

The EVO Design Team tested the first units on the dyno and on the track, with many different configurations of throttle body volume and shape as well as velocity stack shape and height. This was fallowed with even more dyno and track testing with many different size bores. Then we hit the combination that is a truly amazing game changing piece of technology.