PE3-8400P Motorcycle EFI Advanced Kit


Tired of being locked out from making changes to your factory ECU? Looking for a cleaner, more reliable wire harness? Want to use your same electronics in any engine platform? Did you know the PE3 System is a powerful diagnostic tool that can help find and fix problems?

Replace your worn out factory ECU and harness with the PE3-8400P Motorcycle EFI Kit!

The PE3-8400P Motorcycle EFI Advanced Kit includes everything you need to get you up and running. The PE-Dash will help you monitor critical engine data from the driver’s seat. Add sensors to monitor additional engine information and include a relay kit to control your fuel pump, fan or moveable stacks. The harness can be configured for 4 or 8 injectors for staged injection. This ECU doubles as a data acquisition system to record up to 10 hours of data for recall on your PC at any time. The base system includes the ECU, O2 sensor, wiring harness for a 4 injector system, ethernet cable, pressure sensor, and air temp sensor.