CSI RS-15 2/4 Standard Left Front 6" Non-Adjustable Twin Tube


Several new design elements make the RS-15 a must have for the upcoming season. CSI has completely re-designed the basevalve assembly resulting in a more robust and repeatable unit. In addition, they have lightened the body cap, upgraded the shaft seal, and improved the piston selection.

  • Body: 6061-T6 threaded aluminum
  • Shaft: machined steel, hardened, ground and CSI "gold" coated
  • Piston: CSI tall port or CSI 6-port L/D
  • Basevalve: 3-port tuned basevalve assembly
  • Eyelet: aluminum with premium spherical bearing
  • Gas and twin tube, non-adjustable, single and double adjustable shocks available
  • Wide range of adjustability
  • Every shock is built specific for its intended user

    Custom built shock packages are available.