Wilwood GP320 4-Piston Caliper 


  • Fits either side with bleeders on both sides
  • Billet aluminum
  • 3.50" mounting hole distance
  • Pads sold separately 36-311
  • Designed to be used with 3/16" rotors, so no need for spacers
  • (4) 1.250" diameter pistons
  • Will work with Hyper’s X7 style bearing carriers with correct brake mounting plate (05-1133S9L & 05-1133S9S)
  • Will work with the X6 bearing carriers with the 05-1130S plate
  • Titanium Pistons available for better braking 36-104TI

Wilwood GP320 brake caliper is a compact, high-efficiency performer, weighing in at just 1.70 lbs. GP320 was purpose built as an upgrade with increased pad size over two piston calipers on lightweight open wheeled race cars. The bridge configuration will accommodate rotors between 0.19" and 0.25" thick.