1-3/4" X7RPBS Bearing Carrier for Wishbone 600 Micro Sprint


For 1-3/4" Splined Rear Axle. Fits the X7 Chassis on the right side. Use when configuring for the short wheel base, rear axle forward location. Use this bearing carrier to mount the 2-piston Wilwood Dynalite Single brake caliper 36-100 and using a panhard bar configuration. 3-1/4" brake mount bolt center distance.

CNC machined Bearing Carrier, includes double row angular contact bearing, bubble level, and grease fitting. Control arm mount distance is 6".

We recommend the bearings be greased before the first use with Champion Grease 74-332.


Bearing Carrier Ti Bolts:None
Option Cost:$$0.00
Option Cost:
Option Cost: