X7 Bearing Carriers are Ready to Go!

October 20, 2016

The new X7 bearing carriers are now available. These carriers offer many changes over the X4/X6 carriers.

The multiple hole shackle pin locations enable the chassis ride height to be changed without changing arm angle. The old way had us adding or subtracting turns to the torsion stop jacker bolt to change corner weight or chassis ride height. When we did this, it achieved the first objective, but it also changed the torsion arm angles. A turn here or there didn't affect arm angles much, but dirt track racing has extremely hooked up tracks and extremely slick tracks requiring big changes. When we add just two turns to a corner, this can change arm angle by 5 degrees. With the multi point shackle pin locator holes, you can move the shackle 1/2" up or down to change ride heights without cranking turns in the torsion stop. The 1/2" separation of the holes is equivalent to one turn on the torsion stop.

The X7 carriers will use a 6" long left and a 5" long right shackle (center to center of rod ends, or 4" and 3" long rods). The X4/X6 shackles are 4" and 3-1/4" long. The longer shackles will keep the shackle angle more consistent over the sweep of the rear axle. Shackle angles are like arm angles, the more they are angled the more they affect spring rate. The use of longer shackles will help to reduce the change in shackle angle as the rear axle moves through its arc. This will result in a more consistent handling chassis from slick to wet tracks.

The X7 carriers offer many different configurations that the X4/X6 carriers did not. 

  • The 270 left side carrier now uses our proven chain block method to guide the chain instead of the rotating weight addition of sprocket carrier plates.
  • The right side carriers offer the ability to upgrade to the Wilwood GP320 4 piston brake caliper. This caliper will offer more consistent pad wear as well as reduce rotor warpage.
  • You can now have a Jacob's ladder chassis without the use of a brake floater! The brake floater setup adds 4 pounds to the chassis and creates a hazard with the possibility of the rotor cutting through the seat.
  • With the addition of the axle forward tabs on the Hyper chassis, you can now configure your chassis to be short or standard wheel base. Bearing carriers are available for both axle positions. The S signifies short wheel base and the L denotes long wheel base configuration.

You don't have to replace your entire bearing carier, you can just upgrade your plates and get the longer shackles.

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