Used Hypers for sale through Hyper Racing

October 14, 2015

Through Hyper Racing's trade in program, we are able to offer used cars for sale. When we get a used car as a trade in for a new one, it is looked over by our trained professionals. In this way you can purchase a used car with confidence.  We know that by making you the proud owner of a Hyper Chassis we are creating a relationship, not just making a quick sale.

We will try to keep this list as up to date as we can. These cars can sometimes move fast. Please call immediately if you see something you like. Here is a list of cars we have in the shop and a list of cars that are coming in soon. 717.220.4470 or email

e Ready

Year Type Model Specification Rear Locating Type Description Price
2012 1000CC   Coil Front Jacob's Ladder Lightnign Sprint House Car 18,300
2013 270   4 Bar Panhard Bar Rolling Chassis or Rac Rolling Chassis $4,000
2015 270   4 Bar Panhard Bar


Here Are Detailed descriptions of chassis we have in the shop now


2012 Hyper 270 4 Bar chassis. Race ready with completely rebuilt DBY 76mm stroker stock bore engine (Mike Dicely's own engine). All new body except for hood, new wing, fresh powder coat frame and body, ready to go. $8,800 or $4,000 as a roller


2013 Hyper Racing House Car Lightning Sprint. This car has been completely redone 3 races ago, has been raced less than 15 times. Includes a 4 race old SparYamaha R1 1000cc engine. Mechanical electrical fuel pump, all ARS best shocks with canister rear shocks, this car is clean and almost like new. $18,300 ready to race.



2015 Hyper 270 4 Bar chassis. This beautiful car has only 5 races total on it. And those races were in the 125 class. This thing looks brand new. barely a scratch on it. It is a steal at $5,500.




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