Trade In Program

October 22, 2015

Trade in your Hyper 600 chassis for a new 2016 X6 or one of our used race ready chassis. We accept trades of well maintained '07 and up Hyper 600cc chassis. Email or call 717.220.0967 for more information. Here is a list of our current trade ins for sale.…/hyper_…/news/news_archive.aspx

This trade in program has been extremely successful in the past allowing racers to purchase a new car without the worry of having to sell their old car. Many times, racers can trade in their old car and get a new one for only slightly more than what it would have cost them to properly maintain and get ready their old car.

Here is a link to a tour of our 2016 X6 Chassis. Several innovative changes make this new design worth upgrading to.…/chassis…/600cc_sprint_tour.aspx


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