Ti-FX Wing Posts Now Available

March 03, 2019

Reusable Ti-FX Wing Post inserts and posts for Internal Slider Wings and Nose Wings include titanium post, 7075 T651 alloy aluminum insert for maximum strength, bearings (top wing kit) and gold plated titanium bolts and nuts to hold fast. If the post bends, purchase just the post and re-use the insert!
  • Steel ball bearing load surface
  • 7075 T651 alloy aluminum insert for maximum strength
  • Titanium Post, lightweight and strong
  • Titanium bolts and nuts, gold plated
  • Adjustable insert option for quick change wing height adjustments
  • 3 different length posts to choose from
  • Ti-FX Branding
We stock 3 different post lengths. You can also custom cut the posts at home to the length of your choice.
  • 10" post length = 12" overall length including the insert
  • 8-3/4" post length = 10-3/4" overall length
  • 7" post length = 9" overall length
The posts will fit both the top wing insert and the nose wing insert.

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The adjustable wing posts (available in product options listed below) will not be available until mid-November 2018. They are in production now. You can pre-order if you want, and we will ship as soon as they come in.


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