NEW! PTFE Fuel Line and Fittings

May 10, 2020
We are very excited to bring to you this new material being used in fuel delivery systems. We have done our homework and partnered with our manufacturer to bring you the best product at an incredible price.

PTFE is short for polytetrafluoroethylene, also known by the brand name Teflon, which was originally created by DuPont. PTFE is without doubt the ultimate hose material because of its very unique and useful properties.

PTFE has supreme chemical resistance and will not break down even after years of use with methanol. Regular rubber (EDM or NBR, which is what almost all fuel lines are made from) begins to break down even before one year wreaking havoc on your fuel delivery system and injector nozzles. Rubber hoses can even begin to leak or spray fuel, which can be pretty dangerous.

Our PTFE hose:
  • Seals the fuel in as the PTFE acts as a vapor barrier to prevent methanol or gasoline vapors (and odors) from seeping out. When methanol evaporates out of rubber hose, it is replaced with oxygen, the enemy of methanol fuel delivery systems. This corrodes the aluminum fittings and rubber hose leaving behind the harmful white powder which can clog filters and cause injectors to stick.
  • Has a much higher and safer working temperature range from -76 degrees Fahrenheit to over +500 degrees.
  • Features the subdued look of black nylon on the outside with a strong stainless steel liner wrapped around the PTFE inner hose.
  • Is rated for really high pressures, although you'll never need it for the fuel line. The -6 hose handles 2500 PSI.
  • Features a smooth bore for maximum flow rate.
  • Is available in -6 or -8 sizes with straight, 90, 180, and 45 degree 6061 T6 aluminum black anodized HBS fittings for both hose sizes.
Shop for all of our PTFE Fuel Line Fittings and Hose in our online store now.

-6 Fuel line -6 Fuel line -6 Fuel line -6 Fuel line -6 Fuel line -6 Fuel line -6 Fuel line -6 Fuel line

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