New Z-Link Bearing Carrier

January 29, 2020
New Z-Link Bearing Carriers and Brake Floaters! Where design, function and beauty live together as one.

The Industries Z-link bearing carriers, which are used predominantly on non-Hyper chassis on the west coast and the midwest, were in dire need of a redesign.

On the Z-link suspension, torsion arm and top radius rod angle are important adjustments. They adjust the anti-squat, rear steer, and spring rate progression, it is not somethign you should just set and forget about.

Hyper's new TLJC Left Side Bearing Carrier and our Jacob's Jacker for the right side achieve these features with great pride.

We also redesigned our brake floaters to have the same look as the new bearing carriers creating a palate of items that your rear axle has been craving for. We also designed a brake floater to work with teh 4 piston Wilwood caliper (GP320). Click here to view the new items:


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