New Aero Hood and Wingless Body Panels

January 14, 2015

Increase aerodynamic downforce and yaw resistance with our Aero 5-Piece Hood and Wingless Body Panels.

Aero 5-Piece Hood
The Aero 5-Piece Hood improves aerodynamics, cooling, strength, and ease of working on the car.

  • The Areo Lower Center Hood Section removes with four panel fasteners giving access to the radiator.
  • The Aero Upper Center Hood Section removes with three panel fasteners and offers a much stronger construction than the 2010 design.
  • The Aero Right Side Hood Section can be removed without taking the top panels off to give access to the pedal assembly, radiator, and electronics.
  • The Aero Left Side Hood Section removes for access to the battery and cooling lines.
  • The Aero design provides extra strength and stability over the injection.
  • The new styling gives the look of maximum attack or Darth Vader if you prefer.
  • Front scoop aides aero/downforce in winged and wingless application. The scoop also helps cooling as it forces more air through the radiator by blocking areas where air would bypass the radiator in the old design.
  • Fits 2007 and up Hyper Chassis 600cc and uses the same dash as the other 2007& up Hyper 600cc hoods.

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Supplies are limited on this new hood. New chassis orders come first, then other orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Wingless Body Panels
Added to our collection this year are two additional body panels to improve performance in wingless (or winged) racing. The Right Cage Wingless Panel and the Lower Back Wingless Panel will increase resistance to yaw or side force. While we call them "wingless" panels, feel free to use these panels on your winged car as well with all the same great yaw resisting benefits. Fits 600cc, 2007 and up.

Price Discount
Thanks to volume discounts, we have drastically reduced the price on most of our '07 & up 600cc Chassis Aluminum Body Panels. Many of them are half of their previous price!


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