Hyper Racing’s X7 Sprint: The Ultimate Racing Machine

September 02, 2016

Hyper Racing’s X7 Sprint: The Ultimate Racing Machine

The consistency, predictability, total traction, and drive towards perfection that brought the X6 and X4 Hyper chassis to world domination and over 3,700 wins over the last 8 years is a hard act to follow. So we decided not to change it, but to make it more configurable, and perfect it further.

As dirt track racers, we ask our cars to perform in mind blowing different conditions requiring drastically different chassis setups. Winged too wingless, wet tacky to dry slick, and drivers that are feather weight to, well, not so feather weight.

The 2017 Hyper X7 chassis gives you the tune-ability to counter these scenarios by not only by changing setups but also by changing configurations of the chassis. The X7 incorporates all the design enhancements of the X6, while it refines and adds to the previous generation of excellence.

Diversity Through Rear Axle Position
The 2017 X7 chassis includes the capability to move the rear axle forward 1" from the traditional position. This migration of the rear axle increases rear weight bias and shortens the wheelbase for more forward drive. It has proven valuable on slick tracks, with light weight drivers, and in wingless racing.

Yes, we are aware of how much love our customers have for the X6 chassis. The X7 chassis can be configured to be just like X6 while having the ability to shorten the wheelbase if you desire more forward drive (longitudinal traction). It can be configured to use the standard rear axle position (as in the original X6/X4 position) or the forward 1" position with the new Jacob's ladder tabs (or panhard tabs if requested) that allow for both rear axle positions.

To switch rear axle positions, a new left side 19" wishbone (03-409) is needed, then the left side X6/X4 wishbone is used on the right side. This will move the rear axle forward one inch. New bearing carrier plates are also needed.

Brake is Right on the Right
Through extensive R&D, we have proven that positioning the brake rotor and caliper on the right side of the right bearing carrier with the Jacobs ladder setup has many advantages as compared to the inboard brake floater configuration.

  •  Allows the rear axle to be moved forward without the brake rotor hitting the seat. Now, not only can you move the rear axle forward, but you can also move your seat back from where it was on the Jacobs ladder X6 or X4 style chassis increasing rear weight and driver comfort.
  • Saves 4 pounds! It’s a much lighter design thanks to eliminating the brake floater, brake rod, boss in the frame, and the extra rear axle spacers needed when switching to the universal rear axle. Brilliant.
  • Eliminates the potential of the brake rod bending.
  • Provides a natural chassis feel when brakes are applied as this design does not lift up or squat the rear of the chassis.
  • Makes it much cheaper for those converting from the panhard bar to the Jacob's ladder-wishbone setup as you do not need to purchase a universal rear axle and a brake floater setup.

Shackle Length, Longer is Better
Front to back shackle angle has an effect on spring rate, a greater angle equates to less spring rate. The X7 shackles will be 2” longer allowing for greater front to back misalignment between the torsion arm and the bearing carrier with minimal angle change to the shackle.

Wing Position Improvement
The X7 will have the wing mounts on the downtube and will position the top wing 4" front further. This more forward position of the top wing provides better handling balance while keeping the car freer on a track that has bite.
A new wing has been developed to accommodate the wider 25" post width. 30-091 is the new 54" 12 square foot 25" channel wing. This new wing position improves both the rear axle forward and standard position handling characteristics.

Front Shock Sliders
Due to the diversity of shock manufactures and the lack of standardization on the length from eye to eye of these shocks, it is necessary to have an adjustable shock height system on the front of the chassis to allow for these changes in lengths. All X7 frames will have adjustable front shock height towers which will use shock slider part number 38-902. The slider design allows for quick shock changes while the clamp remains pinched on the tower.

All New Fiberglass Arm Guards
The X7’s will sport a new current look and Aero design to complement our Aero hood that was released last year. They feature a wicker bill and a more enclosed look on the right which provides more surface area for yaw resistance.

The left side will provide the option (you don’t have to use it) of fully enclosing the cockpit (most will use it for wingless racing). Both panels will be a two-piece design allowing for less expensive shipping and the ability to remove the new left side panel that completely encloses the left side of the car.

Jacob’s Ladder is Standard

We now have several years under our belt with the Jacob’s ladder with wishbone design and it is a proven winner. Our customers who have switched rave about its consistency and drive-ability while keeping traction to a maximum. The Jacob’s ladder is now our standard configuration and the panhard bar will be an option. We cannot put tabs for both Jacob’s ladder and panhard bar on the same frame with the X7 design.

Wider Rear Axle
We will be offering a 2” longer 1-3/4” diameter rear axle. It will be 55” long. Also a 57” long x 2” diameter rear axle I available. Advantage the wider axles:

  • Offer the ability to change to a less offset right rear wheel (7 on 6, or 7 on 7) for better tire wear and increased traction in certain situations.
  • Give the flexibility to increase your rear width by moving the right rear and/or left rear wheel out.

270cc Engine Configuration
We can now build this amazing machine to house a 270cc engine. Utilizing the forward axle position, the forward wing position, the Jacob’s ladder configuration, and the other refinements, this car performs flawlessly as a 270. Since we have refined all of our components over the years to be very lightweight and strong, this 270 chassis is, in fact, lighter than our 2016 270 chassis.

The wide stance and years of refinement enable the X7 to be the perfect 270 chassis. It is very consistent and extremely balanced.

This frame has a different engine mount for the 270. It can convert to a 600 sprint in the future by replacing the engine mount, about a $250 change.

4-Piston Caliper
The X7 components will offer the option of using the Wilwood GP320 4-piston caliper. This caliper was purpose built as an upgrade with increased pad size over 2-piston calipers. The increased pad size will help reduce rotor warping and increase braking performance. It will use the same 9-1/4” rotor.

Bearing Carrier Plates Provide Constant Arm Angles
The X7 will use all new bearing carrier plates to allow the use of the longer shackle and they will have multiple holes that will allow the shackles to be raised and lowered. Normally when we raise and lower the car we do it by adding or subtracting turns from the torsion stop. Now the ride height can be changed by simply moving the shackle to a higher or lower hole. The advantage is that the torsion arm angle remains constant while the whole car, or one corner is raised or lowered.

Upgrading Your Current Chassis
The 2007 (X4) and newer Hyper 600 Chassis has the same basic frame as the 2013-2016 X6 and the 2017 X7. We can convert ’07 and up frames to the X7 specifications. X4 chassis will require the rear rack to be offset ($275). The X4 and X6 will both require new front shock towers, new Jacob’s Ladder mounts, and the new wing socket position ($290).

New bearing carrier plates, front shock sliders, and top wing are also needed to do the full conversion. You can upgrade to the new bearing carrier plates and long shackles for the standard axle position without changing anything on the frame.

Although we can install the new 270cc engine mount in any of our existing X4 and up chassis, for $395, it would be best to also upgrade to the wing forward and forward axle placement changes

Coming Soon
We currently have two X7 prototypes out racing now. The production arm guards and components are in process now. We will be able to start delivering the full prduction chassis around the first week of October.



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