Green Nozzle Upgrade

September 10, 2015

New Green nozzle upgrade for the 05-06 Kawasaki injection.

The Hyper F.I.T. Team has encoured extensive dyno testing and countless hours to refine and improve our Hyper Injection for the 05-06 Kawasaki 636 engine. The upgrade is ready to go!

You will find improved power throughout the midrange (where you need it), better throttle response on restarts, as well as improved reliablity by using a better quality nozzle.
We are now using the same injectors both top and bottom.

The upgrade will consist of 
(4) 602-6051 Green Nozzles and
(1) 603-751 ECU Box Re-Flash

We also recomend a Chassis dyno to re-tune the system 55-100

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