ATV Sway Bar

October 02, 2015

Hyper Racing has released its first ATV product. The Hyper  ATV Sway Bar restricts the front roll of the ATV by increasing roll resistance without affecting the vertical or up and down movement of the suspension. When roll resistance is increased in the front of the bike, the bike will be tighter will be tighter.

Perfection on display. This sway bar features:

  • Schroeder Torsion bars, the absolute best in torsion bar manufacturing. The quality of material, workmanship, and finish all play a part in performance of the bar. Schroeder uses only aircraft quality high alloy steel, CNC machined in one continuous pass to prevent irregularities, then polished and heat treated to exact specifications, then polished again to assure no imperfections. They are then coated for protection.
  • Aluminum rod ends for weight reduction
  • Straight arms to eliminate deflection
  • A-arm clamps mount close to the wheel for high wheel rate. This is the effective bar rate on the wheel and has a lot to do with how well the bar works.
  • Bar clamps mount in a wide stance to provide stability and strength while keeping weight to a minimum.
  • Tech sheet and information to aid the racer in understanding what the bar does and make the proper adjustments based on conditions and preference.
  • Multi hole mounting on sway bar arm for quick adjustments.
  • The entire system weighs just 4.5 pounds (the solid bar weighs .8 pounds more)

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