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TJ Forged Non Bead Lock Wheel Halves and Ring Mount Wheel Halves are available in either black anodized or polished. Valve stem holes are never drilled, so you can place your valve stem on the inner or outer half.

Be sure to pick up all of your accessories, including valve stems, bead lock rings, wheel centers, mud covers and standard or titanium bolt kits when you purchase wheel halves, as they are not included.


TJ Forged Build-Your-Own Complete Front and Rear Wheels are also available to allow you to customize your wheel exactly as you want it.


Taylor “TJ” Weld elevates the racing wheel market with his outstanding line of aluminum 3-piece wheels. Introducing TJ Forged Wheels. Hyper Racing stocks the full 10” TJ Forged wheel line to complete your 600 Sprint/Mini Sprint/Micro Sprint. Taylor’s 30+ years in the racing wheel industry led him to literally “reinvent the wheel” with his very own design. At first glance, you’ll be blown away by the stunning good looks and craftsmanship, but you’ll want to read on to find out about all of the design features, proprietary tooling, and exclusive manufacturing processes that make TJ Forged Wheels unique.

TJ Forged Wheel Halves

CNC machined bead seats for virtually zero runouts. This means your wheels will spin true with no wobble. TJ Forged features maximum Total Indicated Runout (TIR) of less than .010” and usually less. Most other wheel companies have a .025-035” TIR tolerance or more.

- Aerospace grade 6061 alloy raw material

-Proprietary rim profiles to maximize strength and minimize weight

-Multi-pass CNC spinning to ensure proper material distribution, so the wheel half is thicker where needed and lighter in low-stress areas

-CNC machined bead seat and center mounting flange

-Thicker center flange than competitors for more secure wheel assembly

-2-stage heat treat process and 100% hardness inspection of every single part

-Double thick “flip lip” rim edge to stand up to repeated abuse

-Full show-quality polish on all parts

-Properly sized safety bead hump profile for secure tire retention

-Available in black anodized or polished

TJ Forged Bead Lock System

Bead lock rings are made from forgings. Forged then machined instead of stamped sheet metal translates to a stronger and more accurate locating surface.

-Both weld-on and bolt-on rings constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum

-100% CNC machined for perfect tire locating and balance. The wheel ring is CNC machined after welding for accuracy of ring runout.

-Custom designed threaded inserts that have higher torque-out and better thread engagement than traditional fasteners

-Increased bolt count (15 instead of 10) for increased clamping strength and to prevent “puckering” between bolt holes common on 10-bolt rings

-Exclusive Pitbull™ tire grip system that literally bites into the tire bead and prevents any tire from slipping

-Recessed bolt pockets to protect bolt heads from contact damage

-Fronius brand welding equipment for superior welds

-Titanium gray anodizing

TJ Forged Mud Cover System

TJ Forged has a unique system that uses 3 of the existing 15 bead lock bolts to securely fasten the cover to the wheel. The same bead lock ring works with or without the mud cover, saving money and headaches.

-CNC spun 5052-H32 aluminum cover

-Mud cover completely overlays bead lock ring and bolts for optimum mud protection and aerodynamics

-Bolt heads are recessed to protect from damage

-Covers register into pockets machined into bead lock ring for quick locating and fastening

We’ve known Taylor Weld since his early days at Weld Racing. In fact, Taylor was one of the first VIP’s to visit Hyper Racing in the mid-nineties.

In Taylor “TJ” Weld’s own words: “Experience gives a person perspective. I have seen some of the best and worst things in the industry I love. I was born and raised in the wheel industry and was fortunate enough to be involved at a very young age.

Working in a family-run business gave me a unique perspective on how a business works, both good and bad. I spent over 20 years at Weld Racing, starting sweeping the floors in the machine shop when I was 14. I did every possible job and learned from the ground up. I still sweep the floors after being taught “the proper way” by Kenny Weld. I progressed up through increasing responsibilities within the company while always overseeing my first passion, the racing wheel division. Even when I was responsible for multiple manufacturing facilities and hundreds of employees, I still designed new racing wheels at night. This has always been my passion.

I knew the only way I could do what I felt was needed in the wheel industry is to just do it myself. This is why I have formed TJ Forged in 2018, currently based out of Fresno, CA. The singular purpose of TJ Forged is to design and build the highest quality performance wheels for the automotive aftermarket. We have designed and implemented several industry-first technologies that are a clear elevation of the state of the art for severe racing applications. We don’t compromise.”

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