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Kyle Larson Wins C. Bell Micro Mania at 'Lil Texas Motor Speedway

Written by
Mike Dicely
Published on
September 27, 2022 at 11:06:00 PM PDT September 27, 2022 at 11:06:00 PM PDTth, September 27, 2022 at 11:06:00 PM PDT

Kyle Larson wins $11,000 and the longhorn skull trophy at the inaugural, 145 car field, C.Bell's Micro Mania event at Lil'Texas Motor Speedway driving Jim Radney's Hyper Racing/EVO Fuel Injected 600cc Micro Sprint.


This is notable for several reasons. Having drivers like Kyle Larson, Kyle Bush, and many other notable drivers come to compete in our rapidly growing class is a sign that it has become recognized on all levels as an extremely competitive class offering some of the best racing that few other classes can offer. The talent level is deep and the payout isn't too bad either! We tip our hat to Christopher Bell for recognizing this and organizing this race.


Also, having this race coupled with the Nascar Cup weekend at Texas Motor Speedway is huge. It gave us a chance to show the fans what kind of racing the 600's can offer. This race was a big success and plans have already begun on how to make next year's race bigger and better.


Anyway, back to the big race. Kyle started 8th in the stout field but was involved in an early race accident and had to restart from the rear. Slowly working his way back through the field Larson found a passing line that no one else was running, throwing huge sliders from 5 car lengths back, cutting part way through the infield back up to the cushion on a really wide track. This is how he would pass the last 5 cars and then drive away from the rest of the field. It was really fun to watch.


“The start (of the race) didn’t really work out like I wanted it to and I didn’t think I would get back to the front like I did. My car felt really good tonight and this feels great coming from the back like that on such a great track. I needed that caution with ten to go because he was checked out, everything just kind of worked out for a great win,” said Kyle Larson in victory lane.

Kyle Larson along with Steven Snyder Jr (Night 2 Prelim winner), Daniel Robinson, Gavan Boschele, & Johnny Boland all made the 24 car A-feature start.


It was really cool to hang out with Kyle in the Hyper trailer. He is a real down to earth humble guy and talks racing just like (or better than) the rest of us. It was funny to see the fans gather outside the trailer to just hang and get a close up view of Kyle. They also checked out our cars and asked lots of questions. But we knew they were only there because of Kyle. Kyle even took time after the race back at the trailer to sign autographs for anyone who wanted one. He stayed until 12:30 am Saturday night. The next morning I woke up at 8:00 am in my hotel room to the sound of the Cup cars warming up at the Speedway and thought to myself "How does he do it?"


Kyle met Jim and the Hyper crew when he toured the Hyper Shop earlier in the year before piloting Jim's car to a PA 600 Speedweek win against 85 cars at Linda's Speedway. This was Kyle's first time in a Hyper Chassis and his first time at Linda's Speedway. He set fast time by 2 tenths after only 3 warm up laps in a car he never sat in and a track he has never been to. Very impressive!


While I respected Kyle as a racer before, seeing the talent this guy has in person and how quickly he adapts to anything he sits in, coupled with his humility, I now think the racing world has never seen anything like him, and possibly never will again. We are blessed to have him drive a Hyper and even more blessed to be alive and witness his talent first hand.