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The EVO+ is a new design based on the huge success of the original EVO concept with the advancement of a wider power band through the use of adjustable velocity stacks.

At lower rpms, generally below 12,500, the stacks are down providing a much longer intake runner length which provides more horsepower and torque in the lower RPM range. When the stacks lift off the throttle bodies, a shorter intake tract length is achieved, and a significant increase in top end horsepower is gained (10 to 21 hp).

The EVO+ adjustable velocity stack airbox can also be used on the original EVO throttle bodies to provide even more low-end torque power to the already class leading torque monster EVO!


Designed by Hyper Racing and the Pros at Kinsler Injection. Four big Evolutionary advancements include:

More Torque and HP:

-Many iterations tested to find the best volume and shape of the intake runner.

-Transverse shafts locate throttle plate in line with the split in the intake valves for more laminar airflow.

-Adjustable velocity stacks give the best length intake for max top and bottom end power.

Super Lightweight:

-5 pounds lighter

-Magnesium construction

-Titanium hardware

Simple Design:

-4 Large injectors with stainless screens virtually eliminates injector clogging, sticking, and failing.

-Less wiring due to only 4 injectors and engine sensors.

-Easier diagnostics.

-Less complicated mounting and installation, no more rubber boots: direct bolt design keeps throttle bodies on the engine.

-Less to go wrong.

-Eliminates Yamaha throttle-by-wire.

Quality Design by Hyper Racing/Kinsler

-Transverse throttle shafts with ball bearing design on the throttle pull arm and all connecting links provide smooth action and precise throttle control on slick tracks.

-The TPS sensor is on its own traverse throttle shaft to eliminate the possibility of fuel getting into the sensor which will cause the sensor to fail quickly.

-O-ring seal on air box and engine head to keep dirt out.

-One piece throttle body design for consistent butterfly coordination: other aftermarket bodies for 600’s is modular.

There are two ways to actuate the stacks: The PE3 ignition system in conjunction with the PE3 adjustable stack relay box or the exclusive Hyper Racing Stack Controller. This stack controller will work in conjunction with the stock electronics to open and close the stacks based on a programmable preset designated RPM. This controller will apply electrical current for 1.5 seconds to open and 1.5 seconds to close the stacks rather than applying continuous current which will eventually ruin the actuator motor.