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WEGO 3 System, AFR Interface Kit

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Brief Description

WEGO 3 System, AFR Interface Kit


The WEGO™ O2 sensor and data acquisition kit is the perfect system for collecting all the data needed to make sure your fuel injection system is tuned properly and also help you see what's wrong if you are having problems.

The WEGO™ S III Single Channel Air/Fuel Ratio Display Systems with built-in data logging include the WEGO™ unit, Bosch® LSU4.2 5-wire wide-band oxygen sensor, and 18x1.5mm weld-bung nut for mounting sensor on exhaust pipe.

All WEGO™ systems are highly accurate with less than ±0.10 AFR error over 10.3 - 19.5 AFR range (±0.007 Lambda error over 0.70 - 1.33 Lambda range) and feature "Easy Free-Air" calibration procedure that corrects for sensor aging effects.

WEGO™ systems also include a 0-5V analog AFR output for interface to dyno instrumentation along with an ultra-bright daylight readable blue LED display with automatic dimming under low light conditions.

WEGO™ units feature a wide supply voltage range from 11-16V which allows operation from battery on small engines and race vehicles without an alternator. Current drain is approximately 1 Amp per channel and includes a built-in USB interface.

Compact size: WEGO™ III is 4”L x 2”W x 0.5”H, single channel WEGO™ IV is 3.3”L x 2.1”W x 0.9”H

For tough and extreme environments, the WEGO III™ is fully encapsulated with a water-proof LED display. 

WEGO™ Kit includes the PC Link software and also a USB cable. PC Link software runs under Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows® 10. Older Windows® versions and Mac® are not supported. PC Link allows the user to program all the parameters and tables within the CD-1 Sportsman™ system. Minimum PC requirement is a 300 MHz Pentium® with super VGA display (SVGA with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution). The WEGO™ systems connects to the PC by means of the USB interface supplied with the system. The PC must have a free USB port.

Best of all, Daytona Sensor™ products are covered by a One-Year Limited Factory-Backed Warranty

Here is a link to the WEGO III software download.

  • Choose the WEGO™ Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio System Software
  • Download the USB Driver
  • Download the WEGO™ Dual Channel Data Logging Software
  • Works with PC only. Older Windows® versions and Mac® are not supported.

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