Hyper Racing Product Showcase

At Hyper, we don't follow others on the nor do we follow in product development. We innovate, we lead, we perfect. The problem with normal wing posts for internal slider wings, as well as steel roller bearing posts, is that they beat up and gall the aluminum internal runners.

Our design is the first to truly solve this problem. It uses nylon rollers (not steel bearings) to slide the wing. Steel bearings still have point contact which relieves no stress on the runner. The nylon roller provides cushion as well as a wider spread contact area for the runner, eliminating wear and galling.

The production process to manufacturer this unique item would normally be really expensive. We are going all out on this one, we got a mold made and are having the cap casted out of 4140 high carbon steel. Creating a molded part will enable us to keep costs down.

Part number 30-061 Or you can just buy the casted cap here

100 Micron Fuel filter with ball style shutoff valve built into the body. Designed to be used inline before the fuel pump. They are a very high quality piece with a large high flow ball valve capable of flowing enough fuel for a -12AN system. The filter element is made from stainless steel and is pleated so it can hold plenty of debris. The element has an O-ring seal and the design eliminates the need for a loading spring to seal. A nice shiny durable anti-corrosion black anodize coating finishes off the perfect filter.

 -6 AN Part Number 88-184    -8 AN Part Number 88-184

Want your car to win races? Mike Dicely has spent countless hours using the Motec data acquisition system and software analyzing his shock potentiometer and other in car data to create the perfect 600cc ARS shock. These shocks are now available to you through our custom made and valved ARS monotube shocks.

Check them out here

HBS Fittings and Hose
HBS Hose and Fittings are designed to be lightweight, easy to assemble. Select standard black with stinless steel internal braiding or Stainless Steel wrapped hose. HBS Fittings



Dual Wing Adjuster Assembly for Micro Sprints and Mini Sprints
Hyper Racing's new dual wing adjuster assembly. This deal allows 22 degrees of vertical adjustment, if you start at 15 degrees it will adjust it to 37 degrees. Moves the wing in two dimensions, front to back and up to down.  Dual Wing Adjuster Assembly


Perfect FIT Fuel Injection
Production units of the 08 & Up Yamaha YZF-R6 Air Box and Kawasaki 05-06 ZX-6R 636 with adjustable velocity stacks (R6 only), 08 & up GSX-R600, and the 07 & up Kawasaki engines are now complete.

Key features include:

  • an element that can be changed in about 15 seconds
  • includes the under appreciated ram air design (This increases on track horse power more than people realize)
  • change elements without any chance of getting dirt into the engine
  • perfect element seal every-time with the airbox, oval air filter elements are very inconsistent in shape and size making a good seal virtually impossible allowing dirt to enter engine while racing.
  • o-ring seal between all applicable joints
  • all billet aluminum design
  • the air filter element placement is such that it can be removed and inserted with only a screw driver
  • smaller box design enables it to fit on any down tube chassis

Here is a whole page dedicated to the new methonal, alchohol fuel injection conversion system including video.

Adjustable Setup Blocks
A Hyper Racing exclusive. Adjustable Height Set-Up Blocks are adjustable from 1" to 3-1/4" at 1/4" increments. CNC machined aluminum, anodized black with HBS detailing. Set Up Blocks



Keizer Wheels
Hyper Racing is proud to be aligned with Keizer Wheels. We present the first rolled lip edge Keizer wheel on the market, available first at Hyper Racing. The rolled lip greatly strengthens the weak spot. This high quality wheel is combined with our HBS center at a great price. Keizer Wheels

Power Commander V
Power Commander V is loaded with many new features.

  • Reduced size from PCIII USB (less than half of the size of PCIII)
  • USB powered from computer (9 volt adapter is no longer needed for programming)
  • Unit has a -100/+250% fuel change range (up from -100/+100%), allowing more adjustment range for 8 injector engines
  • 10 throttle position columns (up from 9 on PCIII USB)
  • Syncs with the Auto Tune Module for automatic tuning of the engine
  • Rev X-Tend option for more extra RPMS when permitted by rules
  • 2 position map switching function built in (map switch not included)
  • Gear input (allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed)
  • Analog input (allows user to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature)
  • Optional Secondary Fuel Module enables PCV to control all 8 nozzles

 Get more details about the Power Commander V.

Power Commander AutoTune Module
Don't have a dyno tuning center nearby? Want to have the perfect tune every time you race? The AutoTune kit monitors the fuel mixture (by installing the included Wide Band O2 sensor in the exhaust). It then sends this information to the connected Power Commander V and automatically corrects the map while you race. Each AutoTune system sold by Hyper Racing has been preset by our technicians to proper Air/Fuel ratio values for methanol burning engines by make. This lets you simply plug in the unit and let it do the work. You will need to weld in an oxygen sensor bung (included). Our AutoTune units are set up by Hyper Racing to only start tuning once the engine has reached the proper water temperature; this eliminates false reads by the sensor. For advanced users that would like to change the Air/Fuel ratio settings from our baseline, they are fully adjustable. Each throttle opening/rpm combination is individually adjustable. The amount the system can change the map is also fully adjustable. You can also view the changes that Auto Tune is making, then accept the changes to modify the base map, from there AutoTune will continue to make changes.  AutoTune Module.

HBS Series Components
The HBS Product Line features redesigned parts that are seductive, righteously cool, and often stronger than their homely predecessors. They are so cool they get their own highlight page.HBS Showcase.

HBS Front Brake Caliper
Tired of your left front brake caliper falling apart? Tired of changing shims? This is a two-piston front brake caliper specifically designed for our application. No adapter plate needed. It will bolt right on to your deluxe spindle. With the two 1" pistons, it offers more braking power. The included high quality brake pads last a long, long time. This is a Hyper exclusive product.  HBS Front Brake Caliper


HBS Wheel Centers
Black anodizing, post machining highlights and laser etching are what separate the HBS (Hyper Black Series) signature edition wheel centers from the wanna-bees. Not to mention the extreme lightweight and strength achieved through FEA solid modeling. HBS Wheel Centers





Ultra Shield Seat
The Ultra Shield full containment seat is made to fit a micro sprint and is the lightest full containment seat on the market, but the best part is its price. 2” shorter left side halo and 2” shorter base for entry and exit ease. Flared lightening holes. Ultra Shield Seats





Fuel Forward Tank Tail
14 gallon tank with 8 gallon bladder. Includes hard plastic FF shell, FF bladder, flush mount cap assembly, nut rings, cover plate, foam tail plug, gaskets, 6AN bulkhead, pick-up hose and hardware. Credit of $100 if you do not want the flush mount cap assembly.

Revolutionary! The Fuel Forward Tank Tail is an industry first, concepted, designed and brought to the micro sprint industry first by Hyper Racing. Mike Dicely, assisted by Jarrett Seng of RaceSeng Design, created this new ultimate tail design to get the fuel weight right where you want it: forward and lower by about 12%. Forward and lower is better, because it keeps the diminishing weight of fuel closer to the center of gravity of the car reducing the polar moment of inertia ( the willingness of the car to change direction). This also reduces the effect of the fuel sloshing around behind the rear axle galling a whipping effect on the car as it negotiates a turn, making the car looser. Perfect for micro sprints and mini sprints.

Moving the fuel load of 40 pounds for 5 gallons front and down will translate to better handling of a properly balanced car. Keeping the fuel load down and front will keep handling consistent as the fuel load decreases as the race progresses. The fuel bladder option of this tank takes the design intent to extreme. The flexible rubber inner bladder does not occupy the back 8" of the tank, instead it is filled with energy absorbent foam. This serves two purposes, it adds a safety crush zone, and it forces the fuel even further forward. The bladder will hold a total of 8 gallons. The flexible rubber bladder is constructed from nylon fabric impregnated with rubber and then autoclaved, just as our Classic Bladder is made, thanks to the pros at Saldana. Alcohol, lightweight alcohol or gasoline styles are available.

Put safety first and get the benefits of Fuel Forward technology at the same time.  Fuel Forward Tank Tail

1-3/4" Front Axle
New 1-3/4" Front axle provides more strength while not adding any more weight. Our new double shear towers do the same.
 Front Axle.

Front Axle Assembly.

Electric Fan
Electric Tornado Fan, 9". Fits the Hyper 600 front and rear mount radiator.
Electric Tornado Fan







New T-Shirts & Hats
Headwear: Our Beanies are available in black or gray. Hats are black.

T-Shirts: New designs and the classic design. There's something for everyone.

Show everyone you're part of the Hyper FIT Team with a Fuel Injection Technology T-Shirt.

All of our apparel.

FueLab Regulator
For fuel injection or carburetors. 1/8 NPT gage port. 2-year limited warranty. One or two -9/16 O-ring inlet and one 9/16 O-ring return port. Ports are located on the side of housing for easy mounting and plumbing. Black Anodized. Smaller and lighter than the Aeromotive regulator, costs less too. 
2 port FI regulator    3port FI regulator    Carburetor Regulator





Professional Tire GrooverThe ultimate in tire groovers
  • Instant Heat, fast cool
  • Cuts tires like they're butter
  • Change blades in seconds, one head fits all
  • Pistol-Grip Handle
  • Six Heat Ranges
  • Includes 1 each of #4, #6, #8, #10 blades

Professional Tire Grooving Iron

Engine Mount Nut Bar
New Nut Bar eliminates bloody knuckles and saves time/effort. No need to get that extra 5/8 wrench anymore, or climb inside the cock pit. Fits all Hyper 600cc chassis, Predator Chassis and may fit other manufactures as well. Nut bar.


ARS Bump Rubber Assembly
Assemble onto the shaft of the left rear shock. Virtually eliminates bottoming out the left rear, which kills traction. Allows running a softer left rear bar to tighten the car up getting in. Adding 1/8" shim spacers allows adjustment of when the car hits the bump rubber, making car get on the right rear sooner, or stay on the left rear longer. Bump Rubber.



Chain Guide Nut Bar
Same principle as our engine Nut Bar but applied to our chain guide block. Fits all Hyper 600cc chassis that use a chain guide block. Chain Guide Nut Bar.



FTZ Oil Cooler
The Billet Oil Cooler by FTZ Racing helps to prevent the number 1 reason for 600cc sprint engine failure: breaking connecting rods due to rod bearing failure. Rod bearings fail due to lubrication issues. The factory oil cooler was not designed to cool the oil for constant full throttle racing. This leads to excessive oil temperatures and insufficient lubrication. Although the oil is not breaking down, it simply is not providing the lubrication it does at proper operating temperature. FTZ has done significant data acquisition to prove this point. Their oil cooler drops oil temperature by at least 35 degrees.  Billet Oil Cooler


Adjustable Pedal Assembly
Our Adjustable Pedal Assembly enables the adjustment of both pedals to be moved front or back as far as you need in minutes. Adjustable throttle pedal throw provides a quick or slow pedal feel. Adjustable pedal pads can be moved up, down, left or right. Fits feet of any size or shape. Adjustable foot stop can be moved up, down, left or right to make your feet comfortable. Adjustable pedal stop eliminates stressing or stretching the throttle cable. Adjustable Pedal Assembly




Stainless Steel Injector Screen
Injectors come with plastic screens designed to work with gasoline. When used with alcohol, the plastic screen swells, restricting flow. Eliminate the potential for poor performance and serious engine damage by adding our screens or replacing your plastic screens with our stainless steel screens. Also, they act as a last line of defense against debris. Fits almost every injector made. Stainless Steel Injector Screens


Deluxe Chassis Harness Assembly
Our chassis harnesses are a simple way to properly wire your chassis. Eliminates the many common wiring problems that decrease horsepower. Includes all three Environmentally sealed switches plus everything else shown.  Harness Assembly



Methanol Purge Tank
Hangs from rear roll cage to purge fuel delivery system of methanol. Part Number Methanol Purge Tank




Environmentally Sealed Wing Adjuster Switch
Tired of replacing broken switches? You may never have to buy another. The high quality seal switches keep water and dirt out. Built to military specification by Honeywell. Available for ignition, momentary contact (starter), and wing switches.  Sealed Wing Switch    Sealed Ignition Switch


Rivet Tool
Use the new Motion Pro Rivet tool to rivet the rivet link in place, break any kind of chain, or assemble the press together type master links. This tool is heavy duty. Rivet Tool

Will break micro sprint and mini sprint chains with ease.




Hybrid Pro

The latest in the Hybrid generation. At under 7 inches it is the smallest device ever made! Developed through extensive testing combining the patented Seat belt Anchor System and the patent pending Side Stabilizing Gusset we have been able to minimize the size giving you the first device that needs no seat modification and that seat angle doesn't effect.

  • By utilizing our successful Track Proven Design, this device is designed for the toughest multiple impacts and unbeatable performance. From the short tracks of America to the toughest of desert races this device has quickly become THE choice among professionals. Minimalistic Design - Same Great Protection
  • New SSG (Side Stabilizing Gusset) Load Path for unbeatable Angular Protection
  • Patented Seat belt Anchoring System (SAS) for incredible security - the harness controls your motion
  • Device is designed to work with you, not against you!
  • There is no chance of it coming out of the seat belts like the Hans and other systems.

Hybrid Pro

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