The Hyper Racing Team

Mike Dicely
Currently Racing: 600cc, Lightning Sprints
Racing Experience: 600cc, Asphalt 600cc, 270cc, 1000cc, 125cc, Midgets, TQ Midgets

During his 32 year micro sprint racing career, Mike Dicely has won over 312 features and eleven point championships.

Mike earned his bachelor's degree in Applied Engineering in 1988 and then worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for seven years. Mike designs our chassis and components, does the chassis R&D testing, gives technical support on the phone, by email, on our website forums, and at the track. He leads the Hyper FIT Technicians in the R&D of fuel injection systems. He serves administratively as President and Co-Owner. When he's not racing, he's running, cycling, coaching his daughters soccer team, spending time with his family, or searching for the meaning of life (he can be a spiritual nut case at times, although he his not religious).

Christy Dicely
Our Vice President and Co-Owner, Christy Dicely, received her bachelor’s degree in communication design from Kutztown University in 1987. She designs and produces all of our print advertising and catalogs and serves as our marketing manager. Christy also assists with customer service and shipping.

J.D. Esh
J.D. Esh is our customer service team leader and general manager. He engineers the work flow and orchestrates the chassis delivery schedule. J.D. began in racing as crew chief and top motivator for his brother, Doug Esh, helping him achieve his goals. Now that Doug is among the best drivers in 410 Sprint Car competition, J.D. continues to play a vital role as motivational coach and advisor for his brother. J.D. has also been active in furthering the micro sprint careers of his nephews, Tyler Esh, Travis Esh and Jared Esh.

Chris Snyder
Racing Experience: 358 Sprints, 600cc, 270cc, 250cc 4-Stroke, karts
The sheet metal and fabrication department is headed by Chris Snyder. Chris builds the frames, fabricates all of the sheet metal, designs and fits fiberglass body panels and assembles rollers. Chris also handles repair jobs and custom fabrication. Attention to detail is second to none with Chris Snyder. When he’s not working on the 600cc Sprints, Chris leads the quarter midget division of Hyper Racing. Chris spends many weekends attending quarter midget races to offer support to the Hyper Quarter Midget teams. 

Stan Fleming
Currently Racing: 1000cc
Racing Experience: 358 Sprints, 1000cc, 600cc, 270cc, quads
Stan Fleming does all of our expert welding and assists Chris in chassis production. If you’ve called on a Tuesday night, you’ve probably spoken with Stan. Stan is the point man on our W-Link style suspension development.

Jason Shade
Jason works in the shipping and receiving department while he assists J.D. with customer service. He has incredible attention to detail and will make sure parts are packed perfectly for shipment. Outside his time at Hyper, Jason continues on his quest to visit every race track in the country.

Bill Simco
Racing Experience: 600cc
Bill joined the welding team and he hasn’t lifted the pedal yet! Bill is responsible for keeping all of our welded components in stock. Nerf bars, wing uprights, shifter handles, front axles, you name it, it's all in stock, thanks to Bill!

Ryan Greth
Currently Racing: 600cc, 358ci Sprints, ARDC Midgets
Racing Experience: 358ci Sprints, ARDC Midgets, 600cc, 1000cc, Quarter Midgets
Ryan is in charge of our Hyper Fuel Injection Technology (Hyper FIT) Team. Ryan handles dyno testing, fuel injection conversions and wiring harness conversions. Ryan has also been instrumental in perfecting the set-ups used on the Hyper Chassis and gives countless hours of technical support in all areas at work and at the track. Ryan will be racing for various 600cc sprint teams this summer, while also racing for Jerry Steward in his Hyper ARDC Midget and Wayne Lesher's 358 full size sprint.

Jim Radney
Currently Racing: Midgets
Racing Experience: Midget, 600cc, 270cc
Jim is in charge of pulling orders, answering tech questions on the phone, and helping with over the counter sales. Jim is from the New York finger lake area and raced 600's there for many years before Hyper snagged him as an employee. He is regarded as the one who made Hypers the dominant chassis in New York due to his awesome support of his customers while running the DR Motorsports business. He has achieved 96 feature wins to date. Jim will be racing his 600cc Sprint again this summer.

Brian Erb
Brain is a full time welder at Hyper. He is a kingpin in the fabrication of the Hyper Midget prototype. He comes to Hyper with a full list of welding credentials being certified in several facets of the trade including T.I.G. carbon steel (read race car frames), stainless, and aluminum. He grew up drag racing and has been around sprint car racing all his life, crewed on many teams for many forms of racing. He offers a fresh take on things here at Hyper, something we always welcome.

Austin Quick
Austin was hired because he is cool. Well, his knowledge about computers coupled with his attention to detail also make him the perfect person to manage our inventory. As our inventory continues to grow, it is now a full time job managing the ordering, receiving, and locations.

Austin comes to us from Arizona. He and his father fielded a very competitive 600cc micro sprint program with the Mini Sprints of Arizona (MSOA). He plans to do some racing here in PA, he is just waiting for the right ride to come along.

Misti Kopp
Currently Racing: 270cc
Racing Experience: 4 Cylinder Stock Cars, 270cc
Misti works in our customer support department, shipping, answering the phone, and helping with over the counter sales. Misti is from the Hanover, PA area and has a passion for racing. She has achieved 17 feature wins to date. Misti will be racing 270cc's again this season with the dream of racing 600's next season. She also enjoys playing darts and hunting. Look for Misti racing her 270c in the Mason Dixon Series this year and helping Mike Dicely at the track.

Doug Dodson
Currently Racing:
358 Sprints
Racing Experience: 358 Sprints, 600cc
Doug assists Ryan in all of his daily duties. Doug is capable of doing anything we ask of him which often includes assembly of rollers. Doug provides excellent technical support on the phone or at the track.